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No. The Daleks are living creatures inside casings (or shells) that provide life-support, vision, mobility, weaponry, etc., etc. Towards the end of the episode "Dalek", we were shown the casing being opened to reveal the creature inside. Some other episodes have also shown this but Dalek is probably the best to watch if you specifically want to see that,
True Dalek Form-1-

Dalek True Form

since it happens when there are fewer distractions than usual.

No. Daleks are mutants. The casing is metallic. For a while, some people thought that "Dalek" referred to the armoured casing and the creatures themselves were called "Dalek mutants". However, a)the mutants are the Daleks and b)that wouldn't have made them robots anyway.

No, they are kaled mutants that are placed in a robotic shell.

Yes. They are a type of cyborg. The result of humanoids called Kaleds being mutated by radiation. Davros removed all positive emotions from the brains and put them in machines, resulting in the Daleks.