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Originally yes, but it's debatable now. At first, because Russell T Davies was the showrunner for all three, events could and did interact closely. Such as Jack being aware of the Racnoss events and the various crossovers. However, since Moffat took over Doctor Who, and The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood both have very different target audiences, it would be hard to see any major crossover now. Amy and Rory never made reference to the events of Miracle Day that was making such a visible impact on the planet at the time during the time they were on earth before "Let's Kill Hitler". What's more, you never see the Doctor or Torchwood or Sarah's gang showing up to fight the same alien threat, or even referencing other threats, at the same time, which means either they're brilliantly efficient with their resources and communication or they are just three separate continuities that should be considered, for all intents and purposes, separate. I don't doubt Torchwood and Doctor Who will crossover again at some point, but unless that's the case I don't think there's any major correlation to worry about.