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I don't think so, ordinary Gallifreyans haven't looked into the time vortex or are too scared too those who do look become timelords Im not aware of any books. I guess you'll have to watch the series

In some episodes of classic who there were ordinary is only until the revival I guess that we learn that timelords evolved into timelords due to billions of years exposure to the un tempered schism of the time vortex.

  • However we run into a canon vs. "fanon" scenario here. In terms of the TV series, there has never been any reference in 49 years to there being a difference between Gallifreyans and Time Lords. They are, as far as we know, one and the same. It's like listing the difference between Americans and human beings. As far as what has been revealed on TV, all Gallifreyans can regenerate, and all are Time Lords because they have been described as a species and one and the same. This may change in the future, of course, and the novels (which exist in a "grey area" of canon, so the official line goes) have expressed varying opinions. It's similar to complaints lodged against Star Trek: Enterprise for featuring a Vulcan in Starfleet before Spock; diehards swore up and down this contradicted the canon that said Spock was the first. Then someone actually viewed all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek and found nothing to support the argument.