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There have been vampires, both real & fake, in the show.

In "State of Decay", which was set in E-Space, not in the main universe (N-Space), there were real vampires & one of the Great Vampires. That story established that, early in the Time Lords' history, they'd fought a major war against the Great Vampires. The same vampires (on the same planet) also featured in "Blood Harvest" (Virgin New Adventures novel) & an escaped vampire from that book featured in "Goth Opera" (Virgin Missing Adventures novel). They've appeared in several other stories, too.

The Haemovores of "The Curse of Fenric" were a variant type of vampire.

In "The Vampires of Venice", the Saturnyns posed as vampires & had some characteristics in common with real vampires, although they were not genuinely vampires.