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No, he's just implying that he originally stole a TARDIS and ran away for some reason, not that it's for the same reason.

Here's the actual text:

  • TEGAN: It'll soon be goodbye, then.
  • 5th DOCTOR: Will it?
  • TURLOUGH: Well, you're off to Gallifrey to be President. I suppose your Time Lord subjects will find a TARDIS that really works and get us both home?
  • 5th DOCTOR: Who said anything about Gallifrey?
  • TURLOUGH: You told Chancellor Flavia...
  • 5th DOCTOR: I told her she had full deputy powers until I returned.
  • TEGAN: You're not going back?
  • 5th DOCTOR: You know, sometimes, Tegan, you take my breath away!
  • TURLOUGH: Won't the Time Lords be very angry?
  • 5th DOCTOR: Furious!
  • TEGAN: You mean you're deliberately choosing to go on the run from your own people in a rackety old TARDIS?
  • 5th DOCTOR: Why not? After all, that's how it all started.