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The Second was sentenced to forced regeneration, with the sentence scheduled to be carried out a few years in the future. (This is only true if you believe the "Season 6B" theory, which most fans do nowadays, but not all.)

The Fourth was warned by the Watcher.

The Eleventh found out from Amy, and then had it confirmed by the Teselecta, that he was going to die in 200 years at Lake Silencio. (Of course this will probably cause him to avoid that death somehow, but in the timeline as it stands before the series 6 finale, it's still true.)

You could argue that the First Doctor's failing health was a warning, but no more of a warning than most humans get.

If you go beyond TV, there are three more cases:

The Eighth Doctor found his own future corpse in Alien Bodies, but deliberately avoided learning when and how he was going to die.

The Sixth Doctor was warned by the Valeyard that (and presumably when and how) his future selves were going to cause him to die. (He was bitter and angry about it, but chose to go along with it, and died as we saw in Time and the Rani.)

The Third Doctor may have been told in advance about his death in "Planet of the Spiders"—but only after his history was changed so he paradoxically ended up dying before ever making it to Metebelis III, so it wasn't a very good warning.