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  • NightmareofEden

    There is a funny series of parody fanfilms online uploaded by YouTubers Phoenix Smith & Jacob C Rose. Here I have provided a list of the episodes in chronological order, with links. The Watch them. Watch them all. Now. Note that I have used the titles of the YouTube videos, rather than of the actual episodes, as I have forgotten most of them and am too lazy to check each and every one. Even compiling this list as is was a practically Herculean effort. Also the episodes were relaxed out of order so the numbering jumps about. Oh yeah, and, while the Fanfilm universe is much larger than this, I have only included the ones relevant to the Fanfilm AMAZING section of the lore, that is to say the adventures of Original, PB (up to Deep Canon and c…

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  • NightmareofEden


    A certain IP user from Cape Town posted this salty retconfic on the Watercooler;


    The Doctor sat straight up, ith a look of shock on his face.

    "Professor? What is it?"

    "Oh, Ace! I just had a terrrrible drrrream!"

    "What happened?"

    Ace sat down, and listened as the Doctor spoke, having now regained his composure.

    "I regenerrrated. How many times I'm not sure. I was a Byrrronian adventurrrer, then a vampirrre, but not rrrealy. A chav with a leather coat. A foppish young man. An older man. A woman, a..."


    Ace laughed til her sides hurt.

    "A woman, Professor?…

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  • NightmareofEden
    • /
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  • Imamadmad


    April 23, 2017 by Imamadmad

    This is a scenario I've been thinking would be cool for a while now, and since it seems that there will soon be episodes released which makes this situation impossible, I'm just going to type this up and leave this here, in case anyone else finds it amusing.

    The Doctor dances around the console, pushing buttons and pulling levers with the intricate choreography required for a single person to successfully pilot a TARDIS designed for six. Bill comes up behind him, following him as he whips around the room.

    Bill: Where we going this time?

    Doctor: To wherever this signal is coming from.

    Bill: What signal?

    Doctor: This signal

    The Doctor holds up the psychic paper, upon which is written the following: "999. I think I need a Doctor. ~M X"

    Bill: Aww, it'…

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  • Imamadmad

    Donna sat at the bus stop, blistered feet glad to finally be given a rest after a long night out in shoe-shaped torture chambers, complimenting Racheal's new haircut (it was awful), raving about how much thinner Stacy looked (Donna couldn't tell the difference), and listening to Catelyn prattle on about her new toy-boy (he wouldn't last the month). Well, it certainly provided plenty of gossip for tomorrow's lunch (did Hannah really think that dress was appropriate?).

    Donna's ruminations were interrupted as another person sat down next to her at the stop. His wild eyes looked out with a hint of nervousness from under a head of short grey hair, a hoodie peeking out from under his more formal outer jacket.

    "How long until the bus comes?" the …

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  • Smith 6

    Is it me you're looking for?

    November 24, 2015 by Smith 6

    Yes, my next blog post will indeed be titled; "I can see it in your eyes..."

    So, one month on! I would've written this post earlier, but I've been particularly busy over the last few days. 

    Last night, I went to Sherlock: Script to Screen at the Regent Theatre. And, like the Sarah Jane Smith that I am, I took notes.

    I must say, my handwriting was rather reasonable, considering I was writing in my notebook while watching the stage. And, even if I had been looking at my notebook, it would've been completely pointless. It was pitch black.

    Anyway, I thought I'd quickly share some Doctor Who related facts and quotes I jotted down with anyone who is bored enough to be reading this blog post.

    • Steven Moffat purposely stays away from fan opinions. He sa…
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  • Imamadmad

    Just dumping these notes I took while at the DW Festival in Sydney here and will clean them up later once I have the time and energy to get to my computer. There are probably lots of typos and autocorrections here, so maybe wait until I've cleaned them up tomorrow before reading. I mainly took down facts that could potentially be used in answers. I also apologise to the person sitting next to me in the audience for keeping on whipping out my phone to jot down what people were saying!

    Things learnt at DW Festival today:

    • Only 3 sandman costumes.
    • Sleep No More was originally 2 parter
    • SnoM was finished filming just before release
    • Gatis doesn't know what happens in the rest of the series but Moffat tells him what references to put in
    • Sleep No More w…
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  • Imamadmad
    1. O__o It's over?
    2.  :D Finally, it's over!
    3.  :/ But there are also now the clarify and relocate question lists to delete...
    4. -__- Not to mention all the questions that weren't deleted that still need attending to...
    5. -__- And I'm going to have to do that all again soon once more CFDs build up...
    6.  :) I can procrastinate that for now! Let's just live in the joy of being finished!
    7. >:) I wonder how many times I blanked Recent Wiki Activity during that round of deletions.
    8.  :P Why don't people just use Recent Changes?
    9.  :) None of that's important. I'm finished for now!
    10.  :O Is that the time?! Bloody hell, how is it almost midnight already?
    11. -__-zzz Goodnight!
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  • Smith 6


    October 27, 2015 by Smith 6

    So. My first blog post.

    I'm not sure what people write in blog posts. But I'll talk about Me and Doctor Who Answers.

    Firstly, I've got to say; the concept of this wiki is genius. And so interactive! How could you not love it?

    Well, I didn't at first (see The Mildred Chronicles), but now I do. Seriously, I do. 

    I'm not very experienced with Wikia, as you may already have found. My knowledge of Wiki Etiquette (there's probably a compound word for that) is severely lacking, and I have, er... reinvented the talk page (again, see The Mildred Chronicles).

    But I love this question and answer stuff, and I am the sort of person who rewatches every Doctor Who episode in order just to work out when each episode is set. So, that's why I'm here. I'm very glad I …

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  • RaptorF17

    hi whovians

    i love the 11th doctor with his fishfingers and custard, fezzes and bowties as all of these are cool.

    I have a few questions

    1) how many episodes does the 11th doctor wear his fez?

    2) does the 12th doctor have the same TARDIS design and sonic screwdriver as the 11th doctors?

    3) why so serious?

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  • BlindIvan


    August 31, 2015 by BlindIvan

    Hi my name is Charlie and I love the Seventh Doctor (expertely portrayed by Sylvester Mcoy)

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  • Imamadmad

    Fan Fiction

    August 1, 2015 by Imamadmad

    Hello all,

    I know I've not been very active at all lately. I've been busy in real life, which is not something that's going to be changing any time soon. It's a good sort of busy, but also a sort which doesn't leave much time for wiki editing. I'm going to try editing where I can, but especially during the week, I might not be editing much at all. There are some projects I've started that I am going to try and finish before the new series airs (front page, category page renovation, and hopefully coming to some form of conclusion about spoiler policy and enforcement), but don't expect any form of consistent editing.

    To hopefully make up for this lower level of activity, I am going to give you guys a copy of the first four parts of a Doctor Who…

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  • DarthKnah

    Absence and such

    July 5, 2015 by DarthKnah

    Hi everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been as active as usual these last 2 weeks; I had to get my laptop repaired and it's just annoying to edit on anything else. I'm traveling this next week and a half, so I still won't be super active, but I'll try to read the current threads and my talk page, if you need me. Once I return I'll be my editing self again.

    On a related note to editing, congrats to Imamadmad for reaching #2 on the leaderboard. Only a few more years and you'll beat MoS ;)

    Also, happy 4th of July to everyone (even though I'm the only American here).

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  • Imamadmad

    I have recently received written permission from Wikia staff to perform some changes on DWA which wouldn't normally be allowed on Wikia wikis since we are using the depreciated Answers platform. Here are the emails in full for proof and posterity.

    Hey Wikia,

    I've been thinking lately, with all the recent things with the Global Nav and Venus etc, about how skin changes affect answers wikis in ways that don't affect normal wikis. One very prominent example is the mobile site which doesn't even include an ask bar on answers wikis, which makes it very hard for the casual user to interact with this wiki. Another example is the search bar in the global nav.

    You see, a few years back, while the search bar still sat at the top of the right rail, it …

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  • DarthKnah

    Name Change

    April 7, 2015 by DarthKnah

    I used to be CloneMarshalCommanderCody, but that name is long and not very catchy. It came from the name of this clone trooper from Star Wars. I used it as my primary wikis 2 years ago when I started were Wookieepedia and Brickipedia.

    Now though, this is my primary wiki, and CloneMarshalCommanderCody just doesn't fit in or reflect my personality. I chose my new name because "Darth" is a title used by Sith from Star Wars, and "Knah" is an anagram of my real name, Hank. This name is shorter, catchier, and easier to remember than my old name. I also like to have some online continuity, so I use various anagrams of Hank as my usernames on other sites, which makes everything easy to remember.

    If you want to abbreviate my new name, you can call me D…

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  • Imamadmad

    The title says it all. I made a few changes to the CSS for the navbar, and it should now be working normally in all browsers. Sorry to the Firefox users who had to put up with it essentially not working for a (long) while. As somebody who isn't a regular Firefox user, I sort of just forgot that the problem still hadn't been fixed. If you see any other things which aren't working as they should be, make sure you point it out either to me on my talk page or, of it's actually a problem with a Wikia aspect, report it to Wikia Staff.

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  • DarthKnah

    I'm not too knowledgeable about physics, but Doctor Who has always confused me with its portrayal of time travel. First of all, it jibes with my ideas about time travel, and second, it jibes with itself.

    I don't have too much knowledge about time travel physics, but from what I understand and have gathered from this and other shows, there are many different ideas about it.

    • Star Trek tends to espouse the "Many Worlds" theory, in which there are tons of different universes. For each possible thing that could occur, there is a separate universe. For example, there is the universe we are in now, where I continue typing until I finish this and then post it; there is a universe where I decide to do some "real" work instead and abandon this post; a…
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  • Riley winchester

    Is the Doctor Real?

    February 11, 2015 by Riley winchester

    Hello Fellow Whovians I'm Riley. In this world and universe that we know there are many things that can be entirely possible. It's my belief that the Doctor is real. Now I know alot of you might think I'm insane but so is the Doctor right? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but please in these blog posts respect the notions and ideas of the Authors. I also encourage you as readers and followers if you believe to share with us your evidence. 

    Quick Rules: 

    1. Respect everyone 

    2. be truthful but gentle *if it's harsh criticism* 

    3. Have Fun! 

    1. 1: Tardis Sightings 

    Dear Riley, 

                    I was helping with the laundry at home the other day after school had let out. I was in the back hallway taking some clothes to my room when suddenly …

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  • Master of Spiders

    So, apparently according to Series 8 of Nu Who, Clara Oswald hid under the Doctor's bed, gave him a toy solider without a gun etc. In Robot of Sherwood, the Doctor's leaving Gallifrey is described thusly:

    Is it so hard to credit? That a man born into wealth and privilege should find the plight of the oppressed and weak too much to bear... Until one night he is moved to steal a Tardis? Fly among the stars, fighting the good fight. Clara told me your stories.

    Of course, the previous Series had told us"

    Look, my name, my real name, that is not the point. The name I chose is the Doctor. The name you choose, it's like, it's like a promise you make. He's the one who broke the promise.

    So, that is the view of Doctor Who according to Steven Moffat. D…

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  • Master of Spiders

    Ok, here's my crazy thought of the day/week/whatever...

    The Last great Time War is not over.(But you worked that out from the title).

    Nu Who has been one huge, illogical mess of continuity and internal consistency. Moffat can't keep his facts straight from one episode tot he next. Davies couldn't keep the facts about Martha's family together. And when it came to trying to co-ordinate Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, any hope of continuity foes out the window.

    But maybe that's the point. The Ninth Doctor thought that he had ended the Time War. Because he had done two things:

    1)Destroy Gallifrey and the Time Lords

    2)Destroy the Daleks

    However, there have been far more Daleks in Nu Who than there ever were in Classic Who.

    And the …

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  • Master of Spiders


    December 21, 2014 by Master of Spiders

    I often visit various websites devoted to Doctor Who. As I'm sure most people who use Doctor Who Answers do as well. However, one recent post left me unsure what I was feeling. The website [1] has one chap who posts his thoughts on various Doctor Who-related things in Blog form. I've agreed with some things I've said, I've been intrigued by some things he's said, and I've totally disagreed with some things he's said. What I've never done however is post a comment on his blog.

    Why? because you need to have a Google+ account to post comments there. Many blogs these says require that. Sure, it's the person in question's website, and anyone commenting is just a guest on that person's website. However, the Tardis Musings blog owner recently post…

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  • Master of Spiders


    December 20, 2014 by Master of Spiders

    I'm reading through old DWM's. I really really did not enjoy Series 8 od Doctor Who. Those two afcts are not entirely unrelated.

    Anyway, the 'Watcher' column from DWM #298(cover date: December 13 2000) compares Doctor Who to Blake's 7. Doctor Whor an for 26 years, and 11 years later still survived in novels, short stories, audios, and of course the actual DWM itself. Blake's 7 ran for 4 years, and then became largely a memory. And yet most of Blake's 7 Production people were famous for their work on Who. People like Richard Franklin, John Leeson and Colin Baker appeared on Blake's 7. Actually, about 40 people did both shows, and that's not counting the later BBV /Reeltime videos or Big Finish Audios. There were at least two major attempts t…

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  • Master of Spiders

    The Female Master

    November 15, 2014 by Master of Spiders

    So, Series 8 has given the world a Female Master('Missy'). Some people think this is clever. Personally, i think this is utterly and totally wrong. Let me explain....

    From the very first episode of Doctor Who in 1963, the Doctor's people have had clearly defined gender roles...the Doctor was a male, Susan a female. She was very womanly, as it were. They called each other "grandfather" and "granddaughter", and there was nothing at all to suggest that their relationship wasn't exactly was it was portrayed. The Doctor was often sexist. And of coruse the Doctor flirted with Cameca, and undoubted woman. Susan meanwhile was clearly female, and ultimately married the man David Campbell.

    We met other Time Lords over the years. The Master was always …

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  • Master of Spiders

    I've been discussing books with other fans recently. One issue that came up was the Virgin Missing Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures. on the remote chance that you don't know what they are, they were over one hundred brand new novels written from 1994-2005 featuring old Doctors, designed to "slot in" between old television stories. There were various things wrong with numerous of them, but much of the problem can be summed up by looking at the Third Doctor MA's and PDA's.

    Quite simply, Doctor Who was always about new. New stories, new ideas. The BBC even used Who to test new special effects. From 1963-1993 all new Who featured the current Doctor having new adventures. Once the Doctor regenerated on screen, so the Doctor in comics, a…

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  • Master of Spiders

    Q: What name was the Master known by at the Academy on Gallifrey?

    A: Magnus. Well, duh! In the Comic Flashback in the 1992 DWM Winter Special the Seventh Doctor shows Bernice Summerfield a holographic recording of an adventure he had before he left Gallifrey. The Doctor(as 'Theta Sigma') and still in his William Hartnell incarnation has a falling out with his best friend called Magnus. The writer of the strip, the editor of the magazine and the publishing company all confirmed that this "Magnus" is the Master. Pretty much every review used terms like "Magnus, who is obviously the Master" or "a Master origin story". And the Master is on the cover of the 1992 DWM Winter Special. Later Virgin New and Missing Adventures both used the name "Magnus"…

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  • Master of Spiders

    Erased timeline

    September 10, 2014 by Master of Spiders

    I've been thinking about erased timelines. Stories that existed, but were removed from the Web of Time. Examples from the New Series include things like , and which were all erased by the Cracks in Time. But there are timelines which form part of an episode that were erased. Examples include the future Earth ruled by Daleks in , the 1980 as devastated by Sutekh in and the Doctor is dead timeline in . In each case these events happened , but then were removed from history. And in the last three instances these were actually deviations from the real established timeline which were then removed when time was put right.

    There are two things I hold to be true. One is that the War Chief from is the same Time Lord as The Master from . Read Terra…

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  • Master of Spiders

    UNIT dating, The one thing guaranteed to create arguments among Doctor Who fans. It is wellestablished that the Pertwee UNIT stories were intended to eb set in the 1980's But then Sarah Jane states that she is "from 1980" in Pyramids of Mars. And then mawdryn undead states that the Brigadier retired from UNIT in 1976.

    Obviously these three positions have created friction between fans. Some people claim to have "found the right answer". Doctor Who magazine tried going by the Pyramids of Mars dating, and claiming that the celebration in Mawdryn undead is actually the Royal Wedding rom 1981. Meanwhile the Discontinuity Guide's 'Dating the UNIT stories' article contained several factual howlers, as they tried to squeeze everything into the peri…

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  • Imamadmad

    No World Tour

    August 12, 2014 by Imamadmad

    Right now, about a 30 minute train trip from where I currently am, Capaldi and Coleman are presenting the Sydney section of the Doctor Who World Tour, followed by a showing of "Deep Breath". Sadly, I'm not in that room because the day before tickets went on sale, I was informed that I had to attend a compulsory event beginning at the same time tonight. So, right now, Capaldi and Coleman are right near me, where I could have had a real world view of them, but I couldn't go. Please excuse me if I'm in a bad mood tonight.

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  • Master of Spiders

    A recent question has really changed my views. Both here and in general for me. Except that a)it's an old question that someone made a recent edit to and b)It hasn't really changed my views at all, it's just made me say "Enough!"

    When I was younger there were certain things I knew about Doctor Who. And I was not alone. Everyone I knew who watched the show(most people I knew then) agreed with me. While tastes in music or food or movies may have differed widely, we all agreed on certain core things about Doctor Who.

    However, years later(the 1990's to be more precise) came a new range of novels. These books said some very....interesting...things about Doctor Who, and were often totally contradictory to what we had all known all those years befo…

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  • Master of Spiders

    Just seeing if my connection works just ignore this if anything appears

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  • Master of Spiders

    Ok, I'm not sure whether this would be more suited in the Watercooler, but I'm posting it here. It's an open question to everyone on the Dr Who Answers Wiki. I want responses. So, here it is...

    How is asking questions that you've seen other people already ask creative? Specifically, asking the same question over and over again?

    I await replies. 

    • The Search feature is obviously not being used by unregistered users (the IPs). Simple. And those who do think of doing a search often get the question field mixed up with the search field, which is why we see so many non-questions. Plus people ask their questions and assume the site will instantly provide an answer (which is what happens on Google. Type a question and see what you get.) They don't se…
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  • Master of Spiders

    No. Just no.

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  • Master of Spiders

    I've been surfing the internet, and came across these pages:

    Thus, the whole mystery surrounding appears to be moot. The Doctor's name is indeed known. Master of Spiders (talk) 12:29, May 28, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Imamadmad

    Hello all! I'm not sure who is going to see this, especially with the recent blog post page not working (I'm going to have to send in a message to Wikia about that), but I thought I should just pop in quickly to say I haven't completely abandoned you all here at DWA! I've been watching and reading everything of importance, even though I haven't been replying because, well, if I reply to one message, I have to reply to all of them, and that can take several hours once there is sufficient build-up, and I just don't have the time.

    Speaking of free time, I have just experienced an overdue restriction on the amount of it I have, overdue because of my tendency to procrastinate, and it's not likely for a large amount of free time to return befor…

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  • Master of Spiders

    So, I'm relistening to old Big Finish Audios(the first fifty have been deleted as CD sales you know), and while I'm enjoying them, one them has been bugging me. Actually it's irritated me for years. Amongst the Big Finish Audios are ones featuring the Fifth Doctor and Peri. Set between and . Now don't get me wrong, they are generally of a very high quality. The chemistry between Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant is amazing. And that is what's wrong with them. Making Audios like these is wrong.Just like Novels like et al is wrong. The obvious reply from some to this would be "But the Fifth Doctor and Peri are such a great team!" Exactly.

    To get this you need to look at Season 21. And look at it from Peri's point of view. It's not just the fact…

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  • Master of Spiders

    In case anyone here is unaware, Big Finish will no longer be pressing any more CDs of any of their first 50 Main Range CDs. In fatc, this was supposedly made news months ago, yet many people missed this. These are the 50 CDs from to . Thankfully, in my case, I've had all 50 of these for some time, but surfing the net, have encountered some unhappy and disappointed people. As things stand as of the time I am writing this, nine of these 50 titles are already gone for good(barring buying them from a second-hand or 'specialist' dealer, at exorbitant prices). These 9 are: , , , , , , , and . The remaining 41 are still available, but once existing stock is sold out, that's it.

    Big Finish have stated that these are old titles. Certainly was release…

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  • Andy5421ab


    February 8, 2014 by Andy5421ab

    Huge Doctor who Fan. Been a fan since the Ninth Doctor. First saw it on PBS (USA) was wacthing Series 1 and became hooked!

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  • Corey Chambers

    Hello everyone. In an attempt to make it easier to link to a page that is hosted on the TARDIS Wikia, I have made a small template, found here that will make it a bit easier.

    Say for example I am answering a question in which I should put a link to "The Doctor" normally I would have to put something along the lines of this "" and it will translate it into a link like this: .

    The only downside to using the is that when it is used you can not change the title of the link, but in exchange you won't have to type as much! :)

    If you find any problems with this template just let me know :)

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  • Dado Sablić

    doctor who

    January 18, 2014 by Dado Sablić

    i love doctor who!

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  • Master of Spiders

    ...a pocket universe. A distorted echo of our own. They happen sometimes but never last for long.

    Short one this. Pocket universes "never last for long". Gallifrey is trapped in a pocket universe.

    And if the cracks in time(created by the Time Lords) can erase happenings(Stolen Eaarth/Journey's End/Next Doctor), couldn't they use cracks to erase certain aspects of the Time War? Not the whole Time War, but just a few key setbacks?

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  • Master of Spiders


    December 4, 2013 by Master of Spiders

    The recent leaking of plot from The Time of the Doctor confuses me. I have deliberately avoided anything which may spoil the show for me myself. What I find strange is those people who have sought out and read the spoilers. Why? Is there some sense of "power" in knowing something someone else doesn't know? But surely you're ruining Christmas Day for yourself? Would you rather enjoy the show for yourself, or go in knowing exactly what's going to happen? How is that fun at all?

    This has always been strange to me. I hate it when people spoil things I haven't seen/heard/read yet. And I would never ruin someone else's right to experience something for themselves for the first time, and enjoy everything as it unfolds.

    This has happened with Doctor W…

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  • Imamadmad

    Doctor Who, the world's longest running sci-fi show, turns 50 years old on 23rd November 2013. A lot has changed since first aired back in 1963, but there are still the main elements that live on, those of the mad man in a blue box, off to travel through time and space, exploring the universe with his friends, saving planets and civilisations, and, of course, defeating those troublesome Daleks, along with many other threats.

    As you may or may not know, there will be an episode broadcast to celebrate The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who entitled "The Day of the Doctor". This special celebratory episode will be airing on TV and in some cinemas for the first time on the 23rd November, and will be simulcast in 75 countries around the world.

    Of co…

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  • Glitter Fabulicious

    "If you're still entertaining the idea that you are an exception to this rule, ask yourself one question. What is his name?"

    "Well, I know it."

    "What, you know his name? He told you?"

    "I made him."


    "It took a while."

    "So you're a friend of his, then?"

    "A little more than a friend, a long time ago."

    "He still never contacted you?"

    "He doesn't like endings."

    "So what else did this DeMarco tell you? He didn't just buy his life with some coordinates. How did he prove their value?"

    "One word, only."

    "What word?"

    "A word I've heard in connection with the Doctor before. Trenzalore."

    Sorry to cut that scene a bit short, but if you want me to post any scenes for you then notify me!

    Glitter_Fabulous x

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  • Imamadmad

    I haven't been on DWA much at all the past couple of weeks, and I'm afraid that I'm only going to find it harder to find time to edit here as time goes on because of IRL demands. As much as I wish I could keep coming online every day, that just isn't reasonable going forward. So I just want to give some warning and say that so you are aware and don't get confused when I start to come on only rarely, maybe occasionally on the weekends if I have time. Just giving a heads up. As always, I will be able to be contacted through my talk page if something important happens that needs my attention and I will be notified, and I will still try and come on when I can, but that won't be anywhere near as often as in the past.

    Since I won't be able to …

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  • Timelordshepherd

    Here is an idea what a 50th special though it may be too late and I'm unsure how to get it to the power to be and who. I got it from listening to the extra on the audios of the lost episodes. It would be two parties. Each would have to be 2 or more hours long, I would think, to give everyone a chance to have his/her say. Part 1: Some type of intergalactic news reporter/investigator is doing a report on the Doctor for a very advance civilization. This person goes around and round up all of the companions (who the actors are left from the 1963 & 2005 shows) and interview them on why they went with the Doctor, their time with the Doctor, why they left and their lives after the Doctor. This person could have the power to restore the memories o…

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  • My other cars a TARDIS

    that episode of the doctor was the best ever.. in my opinion.

    but i didn't get wether john hurts was the doctor before he choose the name "the Doctor" or is he the new doctor that comes after matt smith?

    but again i think steven moffat is the best writer in the doctor series this season... and does anyone else know anything about the 50th anniversary episode coming out later in the year? if so can you please send me any information on how John Hurts comes into the doctors' timeline?

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  • My other cars a TARDIS

    did any one else think that he new screen writer is wreking the whole series?

    i belive that the tenth doctors screen writer was the best out of all the screen writers that i've seen. as soon as last season ended the producer must have said " lets totally stuff the story line of the doctor for the next season". imaen the crimson horror was just the worst episode i think. it played no contribution to the doctors story line what so ever.

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  • Imamadmad

    Half-baked ideas

    May 3, 2013 by Imamadmad

    I have had some half-baked ideas which aren't worth putting in the forums but that I want to share anyway, in case somebody else thinks that something can come of it. This current idea is for special, unofficial groups, namely the Cybermen Deletion Legion, the Miracle Day Categorisation Squad and the Weeping Angel Redirection Task Force (names open for change).

    So, the general idea around these groups is to guide users to do a certain job of their choosing. There are many things on this wiki that can only be done using a lot of time and effort. So these groups are designed to encourage people to work on certain jobs, namely tagging questions for deletion, categorising pages, and redirecting duplicate questions while merging the answers. …

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  • Imamadmad

    Hmm, OK, so this wiki has this blog feature, right? So, what is it used for? May as well write something and see what happens.

    Note: this is my blog, and my first blog post, so I'm gonna make this all about me. If you have a problem with this, click away now.

    OK, so, a bit about me. Well, I'm an admin on this wiki, and I try and come online each day. Preferably several times per day. This site is seriously addictive. Now, oddly enough, one of the things that interests me least here is actually answering questions about Doctor Who. I much prefer lurking in the forums, talking about how to answer questions, rather than answering them myself. I was one of the main writers of the current page on this site's policies. However, I try and mak…

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  • Alex Cross

    Been away for a minute but I'm trying to be back. I see we're having some contentions that are resolving into edit wars. I'm going go thru the edits and see what I can do to come to some sort of beneficial conclusion.

    While initially it sounds like I'm going to side with the less favorable person that's based on one sentence I read. I have no idea what's really going on. I do think it's amusing that for all the discussion it's odd that no one has tried to rephrase the question so that it makes sense. Anyway just wanted to drop in let you know I'm here and I'll be with you shortly.

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