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Rose was certainly infatuated with the Doctor, outright saying "I love you" to him in "Doomsday".

For the Doctor's side, it's a little less obvious as his reply was cut off in mid sentence in that same episode. However, it is implied by the situation as well as the reaction when the Meta-Crisis Doctor finally finished the sentence in "Journey's End" (ie: passionate kissing) that he was also going to say "I love you" back to her. This idea is further supported by viewing the scene in "The Satan Pit" before the Doctor lets himself fall, where he tells Ida to tell Rose... oh never mind, she already knows. The Doctor's attitude in his interactions with Rose on many occasions seems slightly more flirtatious or love-stricken than with most of his other companions, although it could just be argued that that's just Ten's personality in general. Further evidence to the Doctor's feelings for Rose can be seen by the almost depressed state he finds himself in after she is locked away in the parallel universe ("The Runaway Bride"), along with the repeated references to her even after gaining new companions (eg: "The Shakespeare Code") to an extent never really seen with any of his earlier companions. So while there is no hard, irrefutable evidence to prove that the Doctor loved Rose as she loved him, it is implied in many ways.