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There are two ways of answering that. The Doctor loves all his companions as friends (as stated by him, in fact, in "A Good Man Goes to War"), and then there is romantic love. Although there is an unwritten rule (according to Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat) that the Doctor never says "I love you" to anyone on screen (which has resulted in any apparently romantic relationship involving the Doctor, even up to an including his wife, River, being placed up for debate by some fans), it was made clear that the Doctor felt this way towards Rose, given the fact he attempted to reciprocate in "Doomsday" when Rose said "I love you" to him and his pining for Rose throughout Series 3 and 4. According to Davies, the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor did whisper "I love you" to Rose at the end of "Journey's End"; as this cloned version of the Doctor was based upon the way the Doctor was as of the Sycorax swordfight in "The Christmas Invasion" when he lost his hand, that means the Doctor felt this way as of that episode, at least.