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No. Time Lords remain their same age, and as to their physical appearance sometimes they look younger, but this is not a hard and fast rule. In both "The Night of the Doctor" and "The Day of the Doctor" it is stated outright that the change is random (though the Sisterhood of Karn are able to direct it). A case can be made that female Time Lords are able to influence the change, given Romana's "body shopping" in "Destiny of the Daleks" (she ended up with a body of roughly the same age) and Mel/River's "choosing a dress size" in "Let's Kill Hitler" (she ended up with an older body).

In terms of the Doctor it is a myth that he always regenerates younger:

  • First to Second: younger (he was elderly to start with)
  • Second to Third: older
  • Third to Fourth: younger
  • Fourth to Fifth: younger
  • Fifth to Sixth: older
  • Sixth to Seventh: about the same
  • Seventh to Eighth: younger
  • Eighth to War: about the same, maybe slightly younger
  • War to Ninth: younger (he was elderly to start with)
  • Ninth to Tenth: younger
  • Tenth to Eleventh: younger
  • Eleventh to Twelfth: older