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Blocking is the means by which an Administrator prevents a user account or IP address/range from asking or answering questions on the Doctor Who Answers. If you ask irrevelant and rude questions, you can get blocked for at least one year, so don't ask them. Block duration may vary, depending on the severity and longevity of vandalism, but in most instances a block can be lifted if the editor agrees to stop the damaging behaviour.

All users may post block requests on an admin's talk page.

Getting blocked is what no admin likes doing, because they feel put down on this terrible behaviour. Getting blocked is like getting into this wiki's prison. So never, I repeat, never, ask or answer anything which is offensive.

Grounds for blockingEdit

  • Asking rude and irrevelant questions unrelated to Doctor Who - Now this is vandilism, pure vandilism. If you ask stupid questions expect and prepare to be blocked. If you ask a question such as "Does <user name> SUCK?!" you will get blocked immediantly. If you ask medical questions, you will get blocked immediantly. So far, this is the most strict Answers wiki on the Wikia system. Admins are on the lookout, you're being watched. So be sensible. Don't be one of those vandals. Or expect banning.
  • Inappropriate account naming - Right, this is something no admin or user likes. Creating an inappropriate account name - be it in terms of user impersonation/insult, or general rudeness/obscenity is also grounds for a no-warning infinite block.
  • No personal attacks - Users attacking other editors personally (in regards to anything) should be given one warning prior to a cool-off ban. The length of the ban is dependent on the severity of personal attacks.
  • 'Bad-faith' edits made with the intent to lower the quality of the wiki or disrupt the functioning of the community. In most cases, users should be warned prior to blocking, though final discretion is left to the administrators.

Block length guidelines Edit

With the exceptions noted above, any administrator may block any user that they determine is a detriment to the project. Final discretion is left to the blocking administrator on a case-by-case basis.