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Bessie - the Doctor's Car

The Third Doctor had a yellow roadster named Bessie that was his main transport while he was exiled on Earth. He also had the "Whomobile"[1]. The Fourth Doctor used Bessie in Robot but not thereafter. The Seventh Doctor also drove Bessie, in "Battlefield". The Eighth Doctor rode a motorcycle in the TV movie, but he didn't actually own it. The Eleventh Doctor drove a classic Ford Mustang in "The Impossible Astronaut", but we don't know that he owned it; it could have easily been a rental, He also had a motorcycle in "The Bells of Saint John".

In non-TV stories, the Seventh Doctor had a collection of cars at his house on Allen Road in Kent[2], and the Eighth had a maroon VW Beetle.[3].

References Edit

  1. The "Whomobile" was the personal property of Jon Pertwee. It was never refered to by that name on-screen.
  2. in the New Adventures novels
  3. in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels