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{{relocate|Watercooler|questions asks for speculation}} It's A Flashback I think.....It's also a suspenful moment, leaving you wondering who it is. I'm sure somebody does.

no it isn't a flashback as it is young melody six months after the episode in new york who then regenerates. It is from that melodys perspective, not rivers or anybody elses

It's not really significant, the future Eleventh Doctor and River Song both knew who was in the Space Suit. The Doctor invited River to ensure that his death happened and River said herself in "The Wedding of River Song" that she had to "pretend" not to recognise it. Melody Pond was there the whole time in 1969, River just pretended not to recognise her.

no I don't mean does river know her younger version is in new york I mean is it significant that she would go there as an adult when she went there asa child?