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No, not as of yet.

That's something to look forward to, though it might not happen for a long time.

I remember reading somewhere that Steven Moffat was the one who requested that Jenny remained alive at the end of the Doctor's Daughter, so he'll probably do something amazing with it soon enough.

I heard somewhere that he confessed to having forgotten about her in an interview.

I understand that SM was the one who asked for Jenny to be kept alive. I've not heard anything to suggest he had any specific story idea in mind at the time, however. He may just have thought (quite reasonably) that Jenny was a good character with a unique relationship to the Doctor and that he wanted her "kept in reserve", as it were, in case a story idea occurred to him or to someone else.

Changing the ending so that Jenny didn't die could also be argued to be an improvement in the story. In many continuing series, the mortality rate among characters the main hero becomes close to is unbelievably high (literally unbelievably). It's a cliché and, too often, when a new character appears in a series (TV or film) and the main hero becomes close to that character, viewers start working out how the new character is going to be killed off before the end of the story. Since it is a cliché, it's worth avoiding.

Moffat did indeed say that he'd forgotten about Jenny until a fan reminded him. But that's kind of hard to believe, because fans are _constantly_ reminding him. He frequently lies to mislead fans who are looking for cheap spoilers; most recently, he said that the coincidence of the "water names" was meaningless and that River Song is "human, plain and simple" after he'd already written "A Good Man Goes to War". But of course that doesn't mean that Jenny is coming back; it just means that he doesn't want us to know whether Jenny is coming back or not, until he decides.

What's needed is (a) a really good story involving Jenny that fits Moffat's plans for the series and (b) Georgia Moffett being available to play her. Like the contributor above, when SM says he'd forgotten about her, I don't believe a word of it. For reasons of motherhood, Georgia Moffett hasn't been available recently and it's pretty likely that SM hasn't yet found the right story. Jenny coming back is far from certain but it would be foolish to bet against her doing so, sometime in the next few years.