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Appearances of Iconic Beasts of Mythology01:36, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Master/Monk/War Chief01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Will the silence return in series 7 and the 50th anniversary01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Doctor who?doctor who?doctor who?01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
How was skaro in asylum of the daleks if it was in the time war and time locked01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Previous Doctors You Would Like To See In a Multi-Doctor Story01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
The fate of the Ponds01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Scariest monster of the Whoverse01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Which tone suits Doctor Who best?01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Thoughts on Series 7 Episode 2: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Ideal Cybermen Episodes01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Ideal Dalek Episodes01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Ideal Silurian Episodes01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Ideal Crossovers with Doctor Who01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Some Good Ideas for a Doctor Who Series01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
What we liked about the trailer of the coming Doctor Who01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Am I the only one who actually likes most of the negatively recieved episodes?01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Borusa's Fate01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Companions that would've been good in SJA01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Create a new doctor who spinn - off , what will it be ?01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
Which classic episodes do you recommend01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
On the Topic of Paradox (in General)01:19, August 5, 2013CzechBot
How can River Song's death be avoided20:58, February 26, 2013CzechBot
What is your favourite planet?11:24, February 11, 201360.50.50.125
What should the doctor who,50th anniversary special be about...........?11:19, February 4, 201360.50.50.125
Do you think clara Oswin Oswald is the valeyard22:31, February 2, 201389.241.78.121
The Doctor’s greatest secret is in jeopardy.”for series 7 part two07:51, February 2, 201395.147.64.66
The Doctor’s greatest secret is in jeopardy.”21:16, January 31, 201392.19.172.138
Could the master be the leader of the silence01:19, January 28, 201389.241.68.19
How does the first question actually effect kovarian and the silence18:51, January 27, 201395.147.65.200
If Moffett was doing a Multi-Doctor story, would the cast be signed yet The special shoots somewhere in between February and April, is it possible that the cast just isn't on yet07:57, January 26, 2013OttselSpy25
Who will be the main enemy for the 50th anniversary21:59, January 22, 201377.86.12.244
The Snowmen17:46, January 22, 201370.72.211.35
Changes I'd have Done on the Snowman20:07, January 16, 201331.53.191.61
If you had a TARDIS, where would you go14:48, January 16, 201331.53.191.61
What actors do you think could play companions from comics or books?16:22, January 14, 201370.72.211.35
What do you think the 50th anniversary will focus on04:25, January 13, 201360.228.227.249
"That's not right!" Things that have upset/puzzled you14:41, January 8, 201341.132.178.149
What do you think of the new T.A.R.D.I.S look?10:11, December 29, 201262.235.161.200
Are those new aliens in the series seven part 2 trailer after the snowmen,the trickster/pantheon of discord22:59, December 27, 201294.72.226.48
What would you like for the 50th anniversary?19:14, December 23, 201262.235.143.196
Different ranges, different continuities?08:24, December 20, 201241.133.1.212
Best Doctor01:32, December 20, 201289.241.66.223
Dark Eyes and The Time War11:17, December 19, 2012Master of Spiders
Problems with the Teletubbie-Daleks16:09, December 15, 201262.235.144.25
Is "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" the worst episode ever11:30, December 15, 201290.193.11.28
Will the silence/silents return in series 7 part two and the 50th anniversary08:26, December 15, 201262.235.144.25
Can someone just explain how they accept "The Monk"'s supposed timeline?10:07, December 8, 201241.133.1.212
If Rose and The Doctor were never separated do you think she would have remained his companion or moved on with her life like the others did?03:52, December 7, 2012Imamadmad
Like my 50th anniversary idea19:02, December 3, 201262.235.162.76
If you woke up with black lines on your arms (in real life), would you be terrified17:43, December 3, 201262.235.162.76
Doctor Who On Ice15:49, December 2, 201262.235.159.53
Is Matt Smith better than David Tennent15:42, December 2, 201262.235.159.53
Why does everybody love Rose, even though she was a selfish and irritating character15:36, December 2, 201262.235.159.53
Who would win in a fight, Cybermen or Sontarans15:30, December 2, 201262.235.159.53
Need some doctor who figure adventure ideas17:13, November 19, 201262.235.144.206
Questions that are barely relevant to Doctor Who07:13, November 19, 2012Master of Spiders
Can anyone explain the outfits these two Time Lords are wearing in these pics?13:58, November 17, 201241.133.0.18
Is River Song the worst companion ever09:34, November 16, 201241.133.0.18
I'm confused about the big bang two. Did EVERYTHING get reset back to normal or are there still things that were not recovered from time and didn't happen16:17, November 15, 20122.96.22.14
Who was the best Dr Who07:47, November 14, 2012Imamadmad
Who is the most popular companion and Doctor22:31, November 10, 2012Imamadmad
Doctors to Appear in Star Wars05:29, November 9, 2012Icecreamdif
Is Jo better than Sarah Jane17:11, November 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Doctor Who Companions for Star Wars16:50, November 5, 2012Icecreamdif
Series 7's best to worst09:53, November 3, 201262.235.191.149
If you worked for DW which episodes you would write?08:16, November 2, 201241.133.0.18
Sarah Jane Crossovers10:59, November 1, 201277.86.90.114
Just wondering is this site British,or foreign as everyone has utc,only I have BST,09:59, November 1, 201278.146.187.165
Ten Aliens/Enemies from the Classic Series you'd want to see in the New Series16:27, October 27, 2012Icecreamdif
Best companion of the Eighth Doctor21:46, October 26, 2012Icecreamdif
Thoughts on Series 7 Episode 3: A Town Called Mercy16:30, October 23, 201283.100.155.135
Daleks always say 'EXTERMINATE!!!' but since series 5, they did'nt even exterminated any lifeform. Why??????19:16, October 22, 2012Icecreamdif
Silence VS Weeping Angel15:39, October 22, 201262.235.161.29
Best 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) Quotes10:04, October 22, 2012202.156.11.245
Ten Aliens/Enemies from the Classic Series you'd want to see in the New Series.06:14, October 16, 2012Imamadmad
Best companion of the Eleventh Doctor06:11, October 16, 2012Imamadmad
Why do people make Doctor Whooves? It's just stupid.18:23, October 15, 201292.17.160.180
What is signing your post with four?15:46, October 15, 2012Icecreamdif
Could the question cause the tardis explosion19:49, October 12, 201292.16.1.73
Could the doctor's name cause the tardis to blow up on the 26th of june 201018:09, October 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Is the first question the cause of the tardis explosion18:03, October 7, 2012Icecreamdif
The silents20:35, October 6, 201295.147.95.91
Best 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) Quotes19:10, October 6, 201289.240.241.173
Animals from Primeval for Doctor Who to Meet13:22, October 6, 201286.167.198.168
Who wants to see Paul Mcgann on the tv show?13:18, October 5, 201286.169.119.218
Shiny mirror plate in the Tardis (in Angels Take New York DRW uses it as a mirror) says the Tardis Engine was made at Rolls Royce... Like, WHAT?01:23, October 5, 20122.99.198.204
I don't see what's so scary about the "are-you-my-mummy?'s".20:46, October 4, 2012Icecreamdif
How does old high gallifreyan raise empires and topple that why the silence believe the question must never be answered15:57, October 4, 201295.147.95.91
"Doctor Who....Doctor WHO?" Could we be returning to the Cartmel Masterplan?16:16, October 3, 201289.240.251.36
Does Steven Moffat plan to reboot Doctor Who?17:46, October 1, 2012Icecreamdif
Shakri,voice in tardis,idea,series 717:35, October 1, 2012123.211.41.52
Thoughts on Series 7 Episode 5: The Angels Take Manhattan15:14, October 1, 201289.240.242.255
Could it be that the doctor looked in the untempted schism and saw trenzalore,the fall of the 11th and the question,he is running from his future?18:45, September 30, 201289.240.250.6
Academy of the question,the silence16:41, September 30, 201295.147.95.91
Best 7th Doctor (Sylvestor McCoy) Quotes15:03, September 30, 201289.240.250.6
Thoughts on Series 7 Episode 4: The Power of Three22:12, September 28, 2012Icecreamdif
On the 50th Anniversary they don't let any doctor return. That's stupid, right?02:39, September 28, 2012123.211.230.68
A Good Idea for the plot of The Angels Take Manhattan...21:53, September 26, 201294.72.194.203
Series 7,silence or daleks20:14, September 24, 201295.147.135.216
Who thinks Andrew Scott should play the Master16:29, September 20, 201277.86.108.250
Who made demons run17:53, September 16, 201295.147.95.56
Best Sarah Jane Adventures episode ever08:35, September 16, 201294.72.192.2
Companions who would've fitted into Dinosaurs on a Spaceship14:24, September 10, 201286.151.152.164
Doctor Who Enemies for Primeval15:40, September 9, 201290.193.11.26
Best Doctor(First to Eleventh)20:36, September 7, 2012216.97.216.126
Companions who would've fitted into Asylum of the Daleks13:22, September 7, 201286.149.14.184
Are bowties cool22:31, September 6, 2012216.97.216.126
Ideal Alien Museum16:10, September 6, 20122.101.62.176
Ideal Action Scenes for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship19:27, September 5, 201287.102.83.33
The time of Angels is over18:54, September 5, 2012Icecreamdif
Ideal Sontaran Episodes17:06, September 5, 201286.146.76.241
Thoughts on Series 7 Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks13:56, September 5, 201286.146.76.241
Good concepts for Torchwood series 509:54, September 5, 20122.96.17.34
Do you think the doctor will ever be ginger?12:42, August 30, 201262.235.142.88
On the subject of Raxicoricofallipatorious20:43, August 29, 201289.241.78.123
Anyone else think the Journey's End plot was a bit over the top17:58, August 29, 2012Icecreamdif
Who think the Angels are the scariest of all monsters?12:36, August 29, 201286.41.118.55
How come the religious order of the silence believe the doctor to be dead if there leaders the creatures in suits are everywhere,all over earth and maybe can see everything meaning they know he's alive and yet the order believes he is dead,how?11:33, August 17, 2012121.223.17.237
The first question ideas for series 707:36, August 17, 201295.147.97.114
Do you think Jack got mutated into the Face of Boe10:17, August 16, 201298.201.104.19
Dinosaurs we hope to see11:54, August 7, 201286.150.227.119
Daleks and Poetry22:18, July 14, 2012Icecreamdif
Doctor Who Enemies for Star Wars17:03, July 14, 201286.147.213.239
Doctors in Star Wars17:03, July 14, 201286.147.213.239
Should the twelfth doctor be either female, ginger or black02:22, July 11, 2012Icecreamdif
Best companion ever17:06, July 10, 2012Master of Spiders
Should the companion played by jenna louise coleman be from a different time period than the 21st century or a near human species for a change?22:01, July 5, 2012Icecreamdif
Weapons of a Sontaran-Scoutship09:26, July 2, 201286.179.190.166
Doctor Who Companions to know martial arts03:22, June 26, 2012124.185.192.211
Doctor Who Monsters to Guest-Appear in Torchwood17:12, June 23, 201290.192.26.174
Doctor Who Companions in Primeval20:49, June 21, 2012109.148.214.252
Doctors in Primeval20:45, June 21, 2012109.148.214.252
Improvements on The Five Doctors12:34, June 20, 201258.169.178.100
Companions to meet the Thals01:27, June 19, 201258.169.178.100
Doctor Who Companions in Chucklevision13:14, June 18, 201286.171.106.109
Doctors in Chucklevision13:05, June 18, 201286.171.106.109
Doctor Who Monsters in Chucklevision12:58, June 18, 201286.171.106.109
My ideal Dalek Empire12:05, June 18, 201286.171.106.109
Rani and the Eternals19:19, June 17, 201286.145.72.101
My Ideal Alien Museum19:57, June 16, 201290.193.11.34
If Sarah Tried to kill Davros22:56, June 14, 2012Icecreamdif
Davros vs Lumic19:43, June 13, 201286.184.42.216
Sarah Jane Smith Meets Lerox12:08, June 13, 201286.184.42.216
Martha Meets Lerox12:08, June 13, 201286.184.42.216
If Davros and Van Statten Met19:57, June 12, 201286.184.42.216
Doctor Who Foes for Men in Black19:39, June 12, 201286.184.42.216
Shan and the Doctor's Enemies/Monsters15:55, June 12, 201290.192.26.215
If Martha met other Time Lords13:30, June 12, 2012Commander Linx
Rose and the Ood13:25, June 12, 201286.184.42.216
If Grace met Other Time Lords12:23, June 12, 201286.160.121.202
If Francine Jones met other Time Lords12:15, June 12, 201286.160.121.202
Rutans vs Sontarans: who will win?19:10, June 11, 201290.193.11.36
Animals for Shan to Meet and Like19:02, June 11, 201290.193.11.36
Davros vs the Brigadier13:47, June 11, 201286.160.121.202
The Trial of Shan13:43, June 11, 2012Commander Linx
Ace and the New Master13:36, June 11, 2012Commander Linx
Quotes for Shan06:59, June 11, 2012Commander Linx
Maria and the Doctor15:04, June 10, 2012109.145.127.145
Borusa and the End of Time12:20, June 10, 2012Commander Linx
Shan and the Doctor's Companions12:08, June 10, 2012124.177.96.30
The Brigadier and Silurians12:07, June 10, 201286.129.46.200
Shan and the Doctors05:51, June 10, 2012Icecreamdif
Jo and the Master05:43, June 10, 2012Icecreamdif
Clyde vs Raxacoricofallapatorians12:38, June 9, 2012124.177.96.30
Past Companions to Meet Sontarans10:41, June 9, 201286.129.46.200
Past Companions to meet Cybermen10:39, June 9, 201286.129.46.200
Past Companions to Meet Davros10:29, June 9, 201286.129.46.200
Doctor Who Villains in Star Trek10:26, June 9, 201286.129.46.200
Funniest Doctor19:42, June 8, 201286.140.87.212
Companions to Meet the Yeti19:22, June 8, 201286.140.87.212
Companions to Meet the Master18:52, June 8, 201286.140.87.212
Grace and the New Master13:01, June 8, 2012109.145.140.128
Companions to Meet Silurians12:47, June 8, 2012109.145.140.128
Which of the First Three Doctors to Meet Davros11:34, June 8, 2012109.145.140.128
Best revival companion22:37, June 7, 2012124.177.96.30
Best classic companion18:21, June 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Rose or Amy18:10, June 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Judoon or Ogrons15:25, June 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Silurians in SJA14:45, June 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Pachyderms to Appear in Doctor Who12:05, June 7, 201231.53.187.204
Parallel Silurian Earth11:55, June 7, 201231.53.187.204
Quotes to/with Shan05:39, June 7, 2012Icecreamdif
Which Doctor first met Sontarans?17:06, June 5, 201286.150.226.97
Quotes in Shan's trial16:55, June 5, 2012Icecreamdif
Coolest Doctor12:51, June 4, 201286.151.0.152
Shan's Survival10:44, June 4, 201286.151.239.220
Is Jo Grant the best companion ever11:29, June 2, 2012101.162.24.198
Is the revived series the worst part of Doctor Who05:29, June 1, 2012Commander Linx
Rank the Doctors(worst to best)21:06, May 31, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst revived Doctor14:31, May 30, 2012110.55.244.84
Tegan or Nyssa17:09, May 29, 201286.148.8.209
Ben or Polly07:39, May 29, 201286.148.8.209
Susan or Vicki06:30, May 29, 2012112.205.106.189
Jo or Sarah Jane03:22, May 29, 2012Icecreamdif
Best companion for each Doctor12:20, May 27, 201286.145.73.19
Worst companion for each Doctor07:04, May 27, 2012Commander Linx
Worst episode for each Doctor07:02, May 27, 2012Commander Linx
Best episode for each Doctor13:49, May 26, 201286.145.73.19
Worst classic companion20:19, May 24, 201286.144.221.181
Is Jamie McCrimmon the best companion ever03:36, May 24, 2012Icecreamdif
Is Doctor Who the best show ever03:20, May 24, 2012110.55.230.149
Best Master22:10, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Is Matt Smith the worst Doctor ever17:06, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Amy and Churchill on the Doctor Attacking Ironsides11:32, May 23, 201286.146.128.176
Rose and Classic Companions09:17, May 23, 2012110.55.253.25
Worst revived companion05:39, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Historians You Would See in Doctor Who05:14, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best revived companion05:11, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best classic Doctor05:08, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Seventh Doctor05:06, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Sixth Doctor04:59, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst classic Doctor04:48, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Eleventh Doctor04:45, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Ninth Doctor04:23, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best revived Doctor04:17, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Third Doctor03:33, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Fourth Doctor03:31, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Tenth Doctor03:28, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the 70's03:10, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the Fifth Doctor03:05, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best Doctor of the 70's02:39, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst companion of the 80's02:37, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst Doctor of the 80's02:32, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best Doctor of the 80's02:30, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst Doctor of the 70's02:25, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best Doctor of the 60's02:23, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Worst Doctor of the 60's02:20, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Is the classic series better than the revived series02:06, May 23, 2012Icecreamdif
Best 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Quotes19:58, May 22, 201286.144.222.75
New Doctor Who Tracks in Rescores of Classic Doctor Who14:14, May 21, 201286.160.59.6
Best 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) Quotes14:14, May 21, 201286.160.59.6
Worst companion of the 60's15:57, May 20, 2012110.55.253.25
Best producer/head writer02:19, May 20, 201260.231.40.3
Best Doctor Who theme02:18, May 20, 201260.231.40.3
If Any Classic Companions were in Dalek09:41, May 19, 201286.160.61.144
Worst companion of the Eighth Doctor04:47, May 18, 2012101.162.70.57
Worst companion of the First Doctor02:26, May 18, 2012Commander Linx
Worst companion of the Second Doctor02:17, May 18, 2012Commander Linx
Classic series or Modern series?20:24, May 17, 201294.72.247.230
If Rose was in Victory of the Daleks13:58, May 17, 201286.149.11.22
Ranking the Doctors from worst to best10:05, May 17, 2012110.55.253.25
Worst Doctor(First to Eleventh)10:04, May 17, 2012110.55.253.25
Best Sonic Screwdriver Ever19:54, May 16, 2012109.151.141.221
Top Best Tracks of New Doctor Who14:44, May 16, 2012109.151.141.221
Classic series or Revived series(what is better)03:41, May 16, 2012Commander Linx
Best 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) Quotes19:45, May 14, 201286.147.210.94
A Theme for Shan19:25, May 14, 201286.147.210.94
Shan and the TARDIS19:24, May 14, 201286.147.210.94
Dinosaurs to Appear in Doctor Who11:11, May 14, 201286.184.44.117
Best and worst Doctor Who opening music ever10:37, May 14, 201286.184.44.117
Best companion of the Third Doctor11:10, May 13, 201286.147.210.236
Top Best Allies of Doctor Who15:29, May 12, 2012101.163.4.241
Best companion of the Second Doctor19:24, May 11, 201286.184.40.6
Best companion of the 70's14:24, May 11, 201286.184.40.6
Top Moments of Rose Tyler21:23, May 10, 201286.184.40.6
Best companion of the 60's18:50, May 10, 201286.184.40.6
Best companion of the 80's18:48, May 10, 201286.184.40.6
Your favorite Doctor18:48, May 10, 201286.184.40.6
The Doctor's Companions and Human-Dalek Sec20:09, May 9, 201286.184.40.6
Best companion of the Fourth Doctor19:48, May 9, 201286.184.40.6
Do you think Ace should make a return14:36, May 9, 201286.150.225.118
Best companion of the Seventh Doctor11:07, May 9, 2012121.222.105.144
Best companion of the Ninth Doctor11:04, May 9, 2012121.222.105.144
Best companion of the Sixth Doctor11:03, May 9, 2012121.222.105.144
Best TARDIS console11:02, May 9, 201286.150.225.118
Best companion of the Tenth Doctor11:01, May 9, 2012121.222.105.144
Best companion of the Fifth Doctor10:52, May 9, 201286.150.225.118
Best companion of the First Doctor10:47, May 9, 201286.150.225.118
The Classic series in better than the revived series07:48, May 9, 2012110.55.244.248
Zoe or Victoria11:36, May 8, 201286.146.128.7
Best Companion (All Time)11:34, May 8, 201286.146.128.7
Doctor Who characters in Farscape21:05, May 6, 201286.179.189.78
Eldane and the Doctor Who Foes20:57, May 6, 2012Icecreamdif
Top Eleven Doctors from Doctor Who03:49, May 6, 2012110.55.244.248
Doctor Who Stories Reimagined21:04, May 4, 201286.146.73.1
Blathareen in World War Three14:16, May 2, 201231.53.191.136
What is the best ever Doctor Who meme ?18:04, May 1, 201286.41.110.30
Eldane and the Doctor's Companions11:06, May 1, 201231.53.191.136
Doctor Who Characters to meet the Great Dragon from Merlin20:00, April 30, 201231.53.191.136
Brigadier in New Series Doctor Who17:44, April 30, 201231.53.191.136
Martha and the Other Doctors10:52, April 30, 201286.149.9.249
Maria with the Doctor19:52, April 29, 201286.149.9.249
What if Rose had met Alpha, Beta or Omega12:47, April 29, 201258.164.171.32
What if Barbara and Ian met Davros09:59, April 29, 201231.52.191.162
What if Sarah had met Alpha, Beta and Omega20:57, April 28, 201231.52.191.162
What if the Three Doctors met Davros?20:17, April 28, 201286.148.8.227
An Ideal Multi-Doctor Story19:05, April 27, 2012216.97.216.126
Best 5th Doctor (Peter Davison) Quotes20:34, April 26, 201286.149.15.30
Romana I or II18:22, April 26, 201286.149.15.30
Best 1st Doctor (William Hartnell/Richard Hurdnell) Quotes16:46, April 26, 201286.149.15.30
Classic Doctor Who Things with SJA Gang18:35, April 25, 201286.149.15.30
The Brigadier and the New Master17:47, April 25, 201286.149.15.30
Ace's Return08:17, April 25, 201286.145.75.3
SJA Gang on Raxacoricofallapatorious20:11, April 24, 2012Icecreamdif
Classic series better than revived19:24, April 24, 2012Icecreamdif
Doctor Who Monsters in Star Trek12:42, April 24, 201286.184.41.217
Rose and Newer/Recent Companions11:10, April 24, 201286.184.41.217
Amy and Companions10:56, April 24, 201286.184.41.217
Amy and the Doctors10:41, April 24, 201286.184.41.217
Rose and Allies10:28, April 24, 201286.184.41.217
Countries/Continents for Doctor Who20:11, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
What Happened to Captain Jack Harkness18:46, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
Is Jon Pertwee the best Doctor ever18:44, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
Doctor Who and BlackAdder18:43, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
The Tenth Regeneration17:24, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
Raxacoricofallapatorians14:29, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
Doctors to appear in Chucklevision10:50, April 23, 201286.184.41.217
The Top Eight Monsters of Doctor Who19:48, April 22, 201286.184.41.217
Doctor Who Monsters in BlackAdder19:01, April 22, 201286.184.41.217
Who is the best Classic Doctor14:24, April 22, 201286.151.238.241
Best 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) Quotes20:58, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
Saddest Regeneration20:55, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
Do you believe the Doctor might've told Rose about Davros when telling about the Time War20:53, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
Best Companions from the Classic Series20:51, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
Best Companions from the New Series20:44, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
Doctors to Appear in Star Trek19:52, April 21, 2012Icecreamdif
Davros vs the Master19:51, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
Doctor Who in Primeval19:44, April 21, 2012109.151.141.43
The New Time Lord President17:42, April 21, 2012138.78.102.81
Other Appearances of the Sonic Cane.14:34, April 21, 201286.167.198.20
The Vault of Torchwood09:53, April 21, 201286.167.198.20
Theme for Skaro09:43, April 21, 201286.167.198.20
Rose with Other Time Lords09:32, April 21, 201286.167.198.20
Prehistoric Animals19:29, April 20, 201286.167.198.20
If Sarah Jane was there during when the Dalek Rose humanised had died, do you think she would've mourned it too and why14:22, April 20, 2012121.222.106.254
Best Companion (Rose to Amy)13:03, April 20, 201286.40.155.105
Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) Quotes10:36, April 20, 201286.150.224.204
The Sonic Pen19:58, April 19, 201286.149.8.66
The Top Eight Villains of Doctor Who16:58, April 19, 2012Icecreamdif
Do you think Jenny will return If so how14:13, April 19, 201231.53.51.29
The Time-Alliance11:21, April 19, 201231.53.51.29
The Brigadier in Davros's return10:14, April 19, 201231.53.51.29
Rose and the Doctors09:39, April 19, 201231.53.51.29
Best 10th Doctor (David Tennant) Quotes20:08, April 18, 2012Icecreamdif
Mickey or Rory who's the bigger punk19:29, April 18, 201286.41.102.45
The Tylers with Silurians13:02, April 18, 2012109.148.215.99
If the 8th Doctor were to appear in a Multi-Doctor story, which companions would be best and/or most likely10:11, April 18, 2012109.148.215.99
The Brigadier in Cold Blood09:22, April 18, 2012109.148.215.99
Rose and Human-Dalek Sec21:07, April 17, 2012Icecreamdif
Top eleven Dalek episodes19:39, April 17, 201286.151.7.234
Were tenth Doctor and Rose just good friends Because, you know, Madame de Pompadour...16:26, April 17, 201286.42.117.30
Which is better ; The Valeyard or The Dream Lord16:19, April 17, 201286.42.117.30
If you were Moffat, who would you bring back in 2013?16:16, April 17, 201286.42.117.30
Sontaran Ranks12:59, April 17, 201286.184.42.132
An Alternate Sontaran Stratagem11:56, April 17, 201286.184.42.132
Who is the best Revival Doctor (2005 and later)09:39, April 17, 201286.184.42.132
People who would like the Doctor's bow tie09:37, April 17, 201286.184.42.132
Who is the Astronaut?17:11, April 16, 2012109.145.227.165
Does anyone think the beast below is one of amys best13:16, April 16, 201286.144.223.3
If Ice Age 4: Return to Spiridon happened, how do you think the characters will meet09:20, April 16, 201286.144.223.3
What would happen if Captain Jack Harkness was converted into a Cyberman09:05, April 16, 201286.144.223.3
The Doctor and Sex21:04, April 15, 2012Icecreamdif
If the Dalek Rose had humanised and given emotions lived, do you think he could've made a great companion20:13, April 15, 2012Icecreamdif
The Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood14:39, April 12, 20122.101.50.222
Does time barriers cease timelords' and daleks' existence from time Because if it's not there must be many timelords and daleks all over the time and places before time barriers are locked and doctor must sense them?16:12, April 11, 201295.8.235.69
Best companion(classic and modern)17:13, April 10, 20122.101.51.27
Silver Nemesis vs. The Wedding of River Song — Doctor Who?02:49, April 5, 2012Mr 70
Steven Moffat or Russell T Davies03:54, April 4, 2012Mr 70
Do you think this is a good series 7 and 50th anniversary idea?22:22, April 1, 2012Mr 70
How long… questions23:11, March 31, 2012Mr 70
On the Topic of Paradox (River Song)05:49, March 10, 201272.145.225.107
Who kills the Doctor in the Series 6 opener10:30, August 16, 2011178.78.76.250
Amy's Baby: Current Location23:55, June 25, 20112.96.30.109
Karen Gillan (Personal Life)01:00, June 16, 2011Alex Cross
Matt Smith (Personal Life)00:59, June 16, 2011Alex Cross
Amy's Baby: True Identity00:56, June 16, 2011Alex Cross
Amy's Baby: Father/Parentage00:54, June 16, 2011Alex Cross
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