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the Doctor has had many male companions:

Ian Chesterton (1), Steven Taylor (1), Ben Jackson (1 & 2), Jamie McCrimmon (2), Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (3), John Benton (3), Harry Sullivan (4), Adric (4 & 5), Turlough (5), Adam (9), Jack Harkness (9 & 10), Mickey Smith(10), Rory Williams(11)

He travelled with just a male companion a few times in the series:

  1. Sara's death
  2. Dodo accidently enters the TARDIS
  3. Polly and Ben leave
  4. Victoria joins
  5. Victoria leaves
  6. Zoe joins
  7. Victoria is said to be absent temporarily; the two subsequently join up with the Sixth Doctor and Peri
  8. Romana II and K9 Mark II leave
  9. When Tegan and Nyssa join. This is only if you don't include Nyssa as a companion until she joins in "Logopolis"
  10. Tegan leaves; "Resurrection" originally aired as a two-parter; in the later syndicated edit this occurs in part 4. This is only if you don't include Kamelion who is technically a companion although it doesn't appear in this story.
  11. Peri joins. This is again only if you don't include Kamelion
  12. If Rosita is considered Jackson's companion only
  13. Donna is present but serves no function as a companion
  14. After the melting of Ganger Amy
  15. When the Doctor and Rory rescue Amy