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Yes. Pearson has released a series of novelisations aimed at younger readers. The series consisted of "The Eleventh Hour" (novelisation), "The Time of Angels" (novelisation), "Victory of the Daleks" (novelisation), and "The Lodger" (novelisation). There have also been numerous SJA novelisations.

Neil Gaiman indicated he was considering novelising "The Doctor's Wife", but nothing has been announced.... In fact, he reveals in an interview in DWM that his contracts as an author tie him to the wrong publishers to do so.

In 2018, a batch of revived series novelizations (one for each Doctor), were released. These were "Rose" (novelisation), "The Christmas Invasion" (novelisation), "The Day of the Doctor" (novelisation), and "Twice Upon a Time" (novelisation) (a Target novelization of the Classic series story "City of Death" (novelisation) was also published, which had previously been novelized by BBC Books).

Finally, depending on what is counted as a revival, "The Novel of the Film" (novelisation of "Doctor Who"), "Shakedown" (Virgin New Adventures novel), and "Scream of the Shalka" (novelisation) may count.

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