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You must decide how you want to read an e-book, you'll need either:

  1. First do your research! Purchase a dedicated e-reader from either Barnes & Noble- Nook, Amazon- Kindle or tablet.  There are many different types, only 2 mentioned here. You can so use a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet to read these books on.
  2. Alternatively you can use an existing device you have either a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.
  3. Decide on which e-book format to use, to name 2, Amazon Kindle & Barnes & Noble Nook each use different formats not compatible w/ each other.  Kindle uses .mobi & Nook uses .epub formats.  See what books cost before purchasing device, both & Barnes & Noble have Doctor Who books.   Again, do your reseach before buying.

If you don't have Wi-Fi capability at home, you'll have to download the book from the internet to a PC or Mac computer & then to the device.  If you have Wi-Fi download directly to device.

Once you have the device to read books on, download & enjoy reading. 

Additional information: The BBC's official Doctor Who website has posted e-book versions of a number of earlier novels (you'll need to use Google to find them). These are fully authorized uploads and are often "director's cuts" of the novels with revisions, etc not in the original editions. They cannot be downloaded, however, and can only be viewed on the website.