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The Time War is time locked. In spite of the revelations in "The Day of the Doctor", the Time War is still time locked. However, this time lock is not perfect and has been breached three times that we know of:

1. Dalek Caan was somehow able to penetrate the barrier and pull Davros out. In the attempt Caan was for a time able to see all of time and space, which drove him mad. (see "The Stolen Earth")

2. Rassilon planted a signal inside the Master's head which he and the Time Lords used to briefly escape the time lock before being forced back in by the efforts of the Master and the Tenth Doctor. (see "The End of Time")

3. The Moment allowed twelve other incarnations of the Doctor to enter into the last day of the Time War and help the War Doctor save Gallifrey. The Tenth & Eleventh Doctors explicitly commented on having been "let through" the time lock. (see "The Day of the Doctor")