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Ace ground zero

The Seventh Doctor holds a dead Ace in his arms(from "Ground Zero" (comic story).

In 1996, the Doctor Who Magazine comic showed her dying in "Ground Zero" (comic story), blowing herself up with one of the monsters. However, other media have contradicted this. The Target Novelisation of "Silver Nemesis" (novelisation) features an older Ace living in the 19th century and married to a Russian nobleman. Both the Virgin New Adventures novels and the Big Finish audio plays have featured a much older Ace still alive.

On TV, Sarah Jane Smith made a statement which some fans have taken to imply that Ace was alive in 2010.[1]

The "Death Comes to Time" (webcast) has Ace becoming a Time Lord.

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  1. "Death of the Doctor" (Sarah Jane Adventures story). Sarah Jane says that "a Dorothy something" is running "a company called A Charitable Earth". Dorothy was Ace's real name, and A Charitable Earth's initials are A.C.E., and RTD has confirmed that this was a reference to Ace.