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the Doctor and the Master are the only Time Lords we yet know of who did survive the Time War. According to the Doctor, there are no other Time Lords still alive in the universe. That, as shown in "the Doctor's Wife", doesn't exclude the possibility that Time Lords might have survived in other universes, such as the "bubble universe" in that episode. It's also possible that other individual Time Lords might have survived by using a chameleon arch to disguise themselves as other species, as the Master did ("Utopia" and "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood"), or in some other way we don't know about yet.

The Time Lords who appeared in "The End of Time" were from before the Doctor used the Moment to end the war by killing them & most of the Daleks. They were trying to use the Master to give them a way to break out of the time lock before they were killed. As shown in "The End of Time", they failed in that attempt. They did not survive the Time War.