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The Eighth Doctor (portrayed by Paul McGann)

This is not known. In "Vampire Science" (novel) the Eighth Doctor said that he last regenerated aged 1009 in "The TV Movie", and was 1012 at the time. Throughout subsequent EDAs the Doctor aged consistently. The last positive identification of the Doctor's age was in "Autumn Mist" (novel) where the Doctor was 1018. The Eighth Doctor's age was never mentioned again, other than that he was "over a thousand years old".

The Eighth Doctor also spent 113 years on Earth from "The Ancestor Cell" (novel) until "Escape Velocity" (novel). It is also unclear how the Eighth Doctor Comics and Audios fit into the Eighth Doctor's timeline. In "Orbis" (audio story) the Eighth Doctor claimed to have spent approximately 600 years stranded on the planet Orbis.

However, in Series 1 of the Revived Series the Ninth Doctor claimed to be 900 years old. In "The Day of the Doctor" the War Doctor claimed to be "800 and something". These ages are totally inconsistent with the Classic Series where the Sixth Doctor was 900 in "Revelation of the Daleks" and over 900 in "The Trial of a Time Lord", and the Seventh Doctor was 953 in "Time and the Rani".