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  • 36 forty-five minute episodes = 27 hours [1]
  • 1 fifty-two minute episode = 52 minutes [2]
  • 6 sixty minute episodes = 6 hours [3]
  • 1 sixty-five minute episode = 1 hour, 5 minutes [4]
  • 1 seventy-one minute episode = 1 hour, 11 minutes [5]
  • 1 seventy-five minute episode = 1 hour, 15 minutes [6]
  • 1 eight minute episode = 8 minutes [7]
  • 1 seven minute episode = 7 minutes [8]

Total = 37 hours, 23 minutes

Official BBC publication Who-ology (also known as Doctor Who: The Official Miscellany) states that it would take 38 hours, 11 minutes and 18 seconds to watch all Tenth Doctor episodes. The book was written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright and published in 2013.

Whographica, another publication by BBC Books, claims it would take 1 day, 14 hours, 11 minutes and 8 seconds to watch every Tenth Doctor episode starting with "The Christmas Invasion" and finishing with the second and final part of "The End of Time". This does not appear to take "The Day of the Doctor" into account, an episode which heavily features Tennant's Doctor.

  1. "New Earth" to "Doomsday", "Smith and Jones" to "The Sound of Drums", "Partners in Crime" to "The Stolen Earth"
  2. "Last of the Time Lords"
  3. "The Christmas Invasion", "The Runaway Bride", "The Next Doctor", "Planet of the Dead", "The Waters of Mars", "The End of Time", part one
  4. "Journey's End"
  5. "Voyage of the Damned"
  6. "The End of Time", part two
  7. "Time Crash"
  8. "Children in Need Special", 2005