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All 13 "numbered" Doctors who have appeared on screen have also appeared in officially-licensed prose, as have some TV "alternate Doctors":

The "War Doctor", who is not one of the "numbered" Doctors but who isn't really an "alternate Doctor", either, appeared in "Engines of War" (BBC New Series Adventures novel), "The Day of the Doctor" (novelisation) & in short stories.

However, the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor, the Dream Lord, Martin Bannister/Doctor Who, the Second of the two unspecified incarnations of an alternate version of the Doctor in "Full Fathom Five" (BF Doctor Who Unbound audio story) or the "Exile" (BF Doctor Who Unbound audio story) Second or Third Doctors have not yet appeared in prose (as of April 2018).

There have also been appearances by Doctors from stories not usually considered part of the same continuity as the TV show:

The novels also introduce such characters as:

There have also been several novels and short stories published in which the incarnation of the Doctor featured is not specified. Examples include "The Infinity Doctors" (novel), "The Cabinet of Light" (novel), "The Dalek Factor" (novel), and "Child of Time" (novel).