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According to Jack Harkness in "Everything Changes" (Torchwood story), when he was introducing Gwen Cooper to Torchwood Three, there were or had been:

Torchwood One, the main headquarters, was in London. It featured in "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday" & was destroyed in that story.
Torchwood Two was in Glasgow & seemingly consisted of one person, whom Jack (of all people!) described as "A very strange man."
Torchwood Three was in Cardiff. That branch is the one featured in the Torchwood series. Since the events of "Children of Earth", Torchwood Three has effectively been defunct, though Jack & Gwen survive.
Jack said, "Torchwood Four's kinda gone missing, but we'll find it one day." So far (May 2015), there's no sign that Torchwood Four has been found -- by anyone. No location was given for this branch.

In addition to these, a Torchwood India has been mentioned in audios & novels as having existed until 1924.

Since the Torchwood Institute was set up to protect the British Empire, not just Britain herself, & that empire once covered a quarter of the planet's land surface, there may have been other branches that have not so far been mentioned individually.