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All intact classic-era serials have as of 2014 been released to DVD. The only story for which a recovered episode exists that has yet to be released on DVD is "The Underwater Menace" and it is not known if this will see DVD release.

"Dimensions in Time", the two-part minisode produced for 1993's Children in Need, was produced under the provisio it never be released to home video. This may change in the future, but for now this story is unlikely to appear on DVD.

A number of stories exist in partial form (such as "The Underwater Menace") with some episodes missing and some intact. All surviving episodes have either been issued in the box set "The Missing Years" or as DVD special features, and some have been issued alongside animated or audio recreations of the missing episodes.

The following serials are missing episodes, but some episodes have survived and have been released in the aforementioned "Missing Years" set or elsewhere. None of these have been earmarked for any sort of restoration or animation of missing episodes as of 2014, given that BBC Worldwide has technically retired the Classic Era DVD line: