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  • Jo Grant fell in love with Cliff Jones and left the Doctor to be with him in "The Green Death". By SJA: Death of the Doctor, the two are still together and happily married.
  • Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart had married Doris prior to "Battlefield". They were presumably still married by SJA: Enemy of the Bane.
  • Ian Chesterton had married Barbara Wright. Sarah Jane Smith discovered this in SJA: Death of the Doctor.
  • Mickey Smith and Martha Jones married each other prior to being chased by a Sontaran in "The End of Time", part two.
  • Donna Noble married Shaun Temple in "The End of Time", part two.
  • Amy Pond married Rory Williams in "The Big Bang".
  • River Song married the Doctor in "The Wedding of River Song". This was an aborted timeline and she technically married the Teselecta.

Furthermore, Sarah Jane Smith nearly married Peter Dalton in SJA: "The Wedding of River Song".