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There were two movies starring starring Peter Cushing in the 60s.

The Paul McGann TV Movie is also a movie, but of course a made-for-TV one.

Tom Baker also wrote one, but it never got made.

Another movie has been rumoured for a long time, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

In 2011, David Yates announced that he had started work with the BBC on a Doctor Who film, a project that would take three or more years to complete. Yates indicated that the film would take a different approach to Doctor Who,[133] although the current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat stated later that any such film would not be a reboot of the series and a film should be made by the BBC team and star the current TV Doctor.[134][135]

Some call "Deep Breath", "The Day of the Doctor", and "The Five Doctors" movies, but the BBC officially considers them episodes.

Additionally, a new movie is coming out called K9: Timequake. It will be based on the K9 TV series, and will feature K9 battling Omega. This film will not be made by the BBC. This is why it won't feature the Doctor, the writer of it only has the rights to K9 and Omega

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