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The War Doctor, The Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor, as chronicled in "The Day of the Doctor". The Tenth (earlier in his timeline, later in hers) also encountered QEI in "The Shakespeare Code".

Prior to the modern era establishing her relationship with the Doctor, earlier stories have also featured her:

  • The First Doctor observes her but does not encounter her in "The Chase".
  • The Third Doctor recalls encountering her in "The Mind of Evil".
  • The Seventh Doctor encounters her in "Birthright" (novel).
  • The Sixth Doctor mentions visiting her court in "Thicker Than Water" (audio story).
  • The Eighth Doctor mentions visiting her court in "Terror Firma" (audio story)
in the last two examples, it's not clear if the Sixth or Eighth Doctors actually met Elizabeth. The two visits are clearly indicated to be separate occasions with different companions.