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Dinosaurs of one kind or another (alive or dead) have appeared in:

That's a total of 6 stories, as of 2017.

This list excludes appearances by similar creatures from other planets.

Additionally, "The Wedding of River Song" features pterosaurs, which are not technically dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have also featured in stories in other media (novels, comics, audios &c).

  1. Commonly erroneously referred to as a T-Rex by fans, but the Doctor's comment that it's completely unlike any terrestrial Dinosaur implies it to be a new species genetically engineered by the Silurians. It was, however, changed to a T-Rex in "Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters" (novelisation of "Doctor Who and the Silurians").
  2. "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" was made before Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus were revealed to be different species, so both terms are used to refer to the same dinosaur in that episode.
  3. A live T-Rex appears in the parodic minisode Earthshock: Part Five, included on the "Earthshock" DVD.