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1. Dr. Grace Holloway - Doctor Who Movie (twice; once by the Doctor out of relief, second romantic)
2. Rose Tyler - "The Parting of the Ways" (to absorb the Time Vortex from her), "New Earth" (she was possessed by Cassandra and she snogged him), "Journey's End" (romantic it was the Meta Crisis Tenth Doctor who kissed her)
3. Martha Jones - "Smith and Jones" (genetic transfer)
4. Donna Noble - "The Unicorn and the Wasp" (She needed to shock him)
5. Lady Christina De Souza - "Planet of the Dead" (she snogged him)
6. Amy Pond - "Victory of the Daleks", "Flesh and Stone", "Cold Blood" (he kisses her on the head, Amy snogs him in "Flesh and Stone")
7. Madam du Pompadour- "The Girl in the Fireplace" (she snogged him)
8. (As John Smith) Joan Redfern- "Human Nature"/TheFamily of Blood (first a gentle kiss, then some more serious snogging)
9. River Song- Day Of the Moon- (long kiss but nothing serious)

We can also assume that he's kissed the wife he had children with and Queen Elizabeth I, although we don't see it.

In the spinoff novels, there's at least Benny Summerfield, and the other Joan Redfern the other time he was John Smith, and probably more.

Unknown in the original series.

  • If you're including things like kisses on the cheek, etc. (see #6) I know the Seventh Doctor kisses Mel on the forehead in "Dragonfire".
  • And Jo Grant kisses the Doctor on the cheek in "The Green Death".
  • And if that is part of the criteria, add "The Impossible Planet" to Rose Tyler as she kisses the Doctor's protective headgear, which is close enough.

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