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The Doctor has had at least thirteen, but some are very similar.

(The Sixth Doctor also used one in "The Nightmare Fair" (Big Finish audio story) & "The Ultimate Adventure" (Big Finish audio story), but since both these stories are in non-visual media, we don't know what this model looked like or if it differed from the one used by the Seventh and Eighth Doctors.)

However, as the Moment said in "The Day of the Doctor", "It's the same screwdriver. Same software, different case."

It should be noted that the Doctor is not the only person who has a sonic screwdriver.

  • River Song had one as well (although it was a variant of the Tenth Doctor's).(See above)
  • Sarah Jane Smith had a "sonic lipstick" (a screwdriver in drag), seen in many episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures. (see here)
  • Matron Cofelia ("Miss Foster") had a "sonic pen" in "Partners in Crime" (again, a screwdriver under another name). (See here)
  • Older Amy, in "The Girl Who Waited", built herself a "sonic probe" that she eventually admitted was a screwdriver. (See here)
  • Romana also had one. (see here)

All sonic screwdrivers drawing

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