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It depends on how you count. Some of them have had different titles, such as 'Supreme Dalek', 'Supreme Controller', 'Supreme Commander', etc. Instead of 'Dalek Supreme', but appear to serve the same function—leading the lesser Daleks into batte, or ruling planets, fleets, or the entire Empire. A few have been refered to as 'Supreme' but actually been second in command.

Black Daleks include:

  • The unnamed Dalek leader of Kembel in "The Daleks' Master Plan".
  • The Dalek Prime in "The Evil of the Daleks" (and novelisations of many of the other early Dalek stories). Sometimes the Prime seemed to be a civil leader while the Supreme was the military leader; other times the Prime was the top leader, back on Skaro, while the Supreme commanded all off-world colonies and forces.
  • Davros's #2 in "Remembrance of the Daleks" (only in the novelisation).
  • The Lieutenants of the Emperor in Parting of the Ways.
  • Dalek Sec, leader of the Cult of Skaro, in the new series.

Leaders with other colour schemes include:

  • The red and gold Supreme Dalek that led the New Dalek Empire in "Journey's End".
  • The white Dalek Supreme of the New Dalek Paradigm.

See tardis:Supreme Dalek for more information.