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If you meant Doctors as in the character, it's hard to say. Each version of the Doctor has a different age. From what we've been told on television, the Doctor is currently 1103 years old as of "The Wedding of River Song". He may have aged since then however. This is some of the ages the Doctor has told us:

  • Second Doctor - 450
  • Third Doctor - "Several thousand years"
  • Fourth Doctor - 749, 750, 760
  • Sixth Doctor - 900 (give or take)
  • Seventh Doctor - 953
  • Ninth Doctor - 900
  • Tenth Doctor - 903, 906
  • Eleventh Doctor - 907, 909, 1103, 1200, 1000 (rounded down)

Steven Moffat has addressed his age, stating that the Doctor simply doesn't know his age.

If you meant the actors, then (Only the living actors are on this list):

  1. Tom Baker - 78
  2. Peter Davison - 61
  3. Colin Baker - 68
  4. Sylvester McCoy - 68
  5. Paul McGann - 52
  6. Christopher Eccleston - 48
  7. David Tennant - 41
  8. Matt Smith - 29