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The only beings to survive the story "Mission to the Unknown" are all killed in "The Daleks’ Master Plan". Since neither the Doctor nor his companion appear in that story, that’s the only Doctor Who story where literally everyone dies, but other stories have had remarkably high death counts. Here is a list;

  • "Pyramids of Mars", where only the Doctor, Sarah, and a character called Ahmed die. Ahmed only survives because he spends the story in Egypt rather than England or Mars (where most of the action takes place), and doesn’t even meet the Doctor or Sarah!
  • "The Horror of Fang Rock", where everyone dies but the Doctor and Leela. Even the fish die!
  • "The Keeper of Traken" – as in "Mission to the Unknown", not everyone dies in the story itself, but all survivors but the Doctor, Adric, the Master, and Nyssa are killed off in the next story.
  • "Logopolis", where everyone but the Doctor, his companions, and the Master die (aside from a few policemen – very minor characters). The story involves a quarter of the universe being destroyed, including Traken!
  • "Castrovalva", where everyone but the Doctor, his companions and the Master die. The story involves an entire city being destroyed, although it’s unclear if the people in it were ‘real’.
  • "Resurrection of the Daleks", which features the highest on-screen death count for a Doctor Who episode (51), and ends with almost every supporting character and every single Dalek dead. The only survivors other than the Doctor and his companions are Davros and Lytton (the latter of which died in "Attack of the Cybermen")
  • "The Caves of Androzani", where every male character dies- and there are only two female characters, Peri and Timmin, who both survive. The only male character not to die is the Sixth Doctor. The Fifth Doctor, however, does die.
  • "Attack of the Cybermen", where only the Doctor and Peri survive.
  • "Bad Wolf"/"The Parting of the Ways", in which everyone save the Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack, Jackie, and Mickey die, including everyone in the continent of Australasia when the Daleks bomb it. All the Daleks, Game Station workers and contestants, robots, and everyone else all die. The only people not to die on-screen were Strood and the Davinadroid, although Strood was presumably caught and killed after refusing to follow the Doctor, and the Davinadroid was presumably deactivated when the games were stopped.
  • In "Voyage of the Damned", only four people (including the Doctor) survive. Amongst the casualties is the (one-off) companion of the story.
  • "The Vampires of Venice", where everyone whom the Doctor, Amy and Rory meet (obviously excepting each other) dies. However, three characters who don’t meet them survive.
  • "The Doctor’s Wife", where everyone apart from the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and the TARDIS die (technically the TARDIS could be added to the list of still-living people in any of these stories, with the exception of "Mission to the Unknown").
  • "The God Complex", where only the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and Gibbis aren’t killed by the end of story. Even the fish is killed!

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