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Clearer cases Edit

Trickier cases Edit

  • "Castrovalva" — Though nobody real dies, we don't actually know that at the time. The Master does appear to die, in a way that he had never previously done. We look back on this now and think, "Well, of course he's not dead." But, if watching in broadcast order, you wouldn't have yet been exposed to what is more or less the running joke of him appearing to die at the end of every story.
  • "Terminus" — The point of the story is the fact that people are dying of leprosy. But we don't actually see them die, so one could argue that "nobody (we see) dies". But if people haven't died, then Nyssa's sacrifice at the end is pretty pointless.
  • "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" — This is famously a story where the Doctor explicitly says that "everybody lives", but the Doctor, as we know, lies. It's the middle of The Blitz; tons of people die, and onscreen. They're just far away, while Rose is dangling from a rope.
  • "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" — Though River Song says no one dies — they were all "saved" to the database — they have definitely physically departed this life. And we see it happen. And, at least in River's case, it definitely sticks. She died in this episode, as confirmed in "The Name of the Doctor".
  • "Extremis" — Again, nobody real dies – but an entire planet's worth of possibly fake people do.

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