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Dodo Chaplet was murdered in the novel "Who Killed Kennedy". This is contradicted, in the short story "Ships", as she instead became a secretary and bumped into Sarah Jane Smith. However, like all novels, comics, etc, it's unclear which is canon or not. Since no one knows which account is canon, it's unclear whether or not Dodo is still alive. (The fact actress Jackie Lane is one of the only surviving former companions not to take part in Big Finish audio dramas as her original character has also left this an unknown.) For those who only count what's on TV as canon, Dodo's fate has never been revealed.

Jackie Lane has also refused to participate in any audio commentaries, interviews or documentaries for DVD's of her episodes. Can't blame her for not participating considering the producers basically fired her halfway through "The War Machines" because her character wasn't working out.
  • Ace's real name is "Dorothy" and the charity "A Charitable Earth" is Ace if you abbreviate it.
There's also the fact that in the Sarah Jane episode "Death of the Doctor", Sarah Jane says that "Dorothy something or other" is running a charity. Most people took that to mean Ace. However, Dodo's real name is Dorothea, and in certain spin-offs Ace was either killed in an explosion, committed suicide by shooting herself, became a Time Lord, or was last seen travelling the galaxy.