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Yes. As of the end of Series 9 he is known to have been married four times: his first wife is unconfirmed though "The Husbands of River Song" strongly implies it may have been Cleopatra. This was followed by Queen Elizabeth I ("The Day of the Doctor"), Marilyn Monroe ("A Christmas Carol" and referenced again in "Husbands of River Song"), and River Song ("The Wedding of River Song"). Other marriages are possible (if not likely), and at least one more is known in the novels, however the only on-screen count that has been given so far is four: Clara says so in "Death in Heaven", but so does River in "Husbands of River Song". Of course it's possible the Doctor had additional marriages the two women were not made aware of; "Blink", in particular, has the Tenth Doctor reference marriages, plural, even though in his timeline the last three marriages had yet to occur.

It should also be noted that the concept of marriage differs between cultures on Earth, never mind other worlds, so although the Doctor may have had four "wives" as we know them, he may have had any number of spouses as defined by other standards and laws. For example, in some regions of earth two unrelated people of opposite genders living in the same abode are considered to be de facto "common law married" - which could apply to any number of long-serving companions who are described as living aboard the TARDIS during their time with the Doctor, even if the characters, and the show itself, does not recognize this.

This list doesn't include characters to whom the Doctor finds himself betrothed but does not wed, such as the "sentient plant thing" in "Face the Raven" and Cameca in "The Aztecs".