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No. At least as of the end of Season 9 (and subsequent 2016 comic books), Rassilon is alive and well, albeit exiled from Gallifrey, as seen in "Hell Bent".

He was dead in "The Five Doctors", but he was later resurrected to lead the Time Lords in their Last Great Time War.

The Doctor (and the viewers) believed the Doctor ended that War by killing the Time Lords and time-locking it so it couldn't be undone. ("The End of Time"). But he (and we) later learned that he'd actually just moved them to a pocket universe, still alive. ("The Day of the Doctor")

There are a few more complexities from non-TV stories, but they don't matter much; whether that initial daath was faked, whether there's another copy of him stuck in a loop in the Divergent Universe, etc., Rassilon was resurrected for the War and was still alive for the Doctor to exile.