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Ostensibly, yes, but their marriage in "The Wedding of River Song" was technically both a compromise and a facade meant to deceive the Silence (the Doctor wanted to make the Silence think he was dead, but River refused to kill him unless he married her). While the Doctor did say "I don't want to marry you," the two of them do refer to each other as "husband" and "wife" and there was a ceremony; however, the Doctor did not actually tell River his name (though it has never been established that this actually has relevance and River learned it later, anyway) and the aforementioned ceremony took place in an aborted timeline (which even River herself does not believe to have any effect on reality, as evidenced by her conversation with Amy in her garden toward the end of the episode). However in "The Name of the Doctor" and other episodes, the two are unambiguously said to be married, though by the time of "Name of the Doctor," this relationship is referenced in the past tense as it takes place post-mortem for River.