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The Doctor's exact sexuality is not known, however, it's often implied that he's not straight.

On screen, the Doctor has expressed romantic interest in only a few people. As of Series 10:

However, the fact that he has shown attraction to many women so far does not exclude the possibility of also being attracted to people from other parts of the gender spectrum. We have not necessarily been shown all the relationships/attractions he has had, nor all the ones he will have.

Jack Harkness showed interest in both the Ninth & Tenth Doctors (in "The Doctor Dances" through to "The Parting of the Ways" & in "Journey's End"). The Ninth (more than the Tenth) seemed interested enough in this interest but, despite ample opportunity, the Doctor never persuade it. In "Smile", the Twelfth Doctor told Bill Potts, "I met an emperor made of algae once. He fancied me." Again, there was nothing to indicate that the Doctor returned this emperor's interest.

Outside of the TV series, the Doctor has had frequent relationships with men, the Eighth Doctor once claiming to have been 'more than friends' with Alan Turing.

However, the Twelfth Doctor admitted that he had a crush on the Master when he was younger (in "World Enough and Time") which indicates that the Doctor is not straight. By human standards, he could be considered pansexual although that doesn't take into account that he's an alien that can be attracted to other aliens that are genderless.