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No. Up until "The Day of the Doctor", the Doctor was of the opinion that he was the last of kind, even though the survival of the Master ("Utopia", et al) proved otherwise. A number of Time Lords also briefly appeared on Earth when Gallifrey was brought out of the Time War in "The End of Time". "Day of the Doctor" established that the Time Lords still exist, but are (for now) trapped in a form of pocket universe, although they are able to send the Doctor a new set of regenerations in "The Time of the Doctor".

The Modern Era has been inconsistent with what constitutes a Time Lord, whether that is a specific species, or a rank. If taken as a species, "The Doctor's Daughter" established that Jenny is Time Lord, and she was still alive as of the end of that story. And although she is deceased, technically, the half-Time Lord (as described in "A Good Man Goes to War") River Song still exists within the CAL supercomputer ("Forest of the Dead"; "The Name of the Doctor"). "Listen" also confirmed that it is either now possible or always has been possible under certain circumstances for the TARDIS to travel to Gallifrey pre-Time War where there are Time Lords a-plenty.