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Kovarian lead a rogue sect of the church of the silence back in time to explode the tardis and make a killer,the tardis explosion caused the cracks,I believe that the saturnians saw the end of the universe,everyone thought that was what silence falls means,when they ran away from the explosion caused by the silence to silence the doctors answer,so no the Saturnians saw what the silence caused and what eventually got back the timelords which started the whole silence religion

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>> Yes, that is how we have to fit the pieces of information from these episodes together to get a minimally coherent story, but if you look at the episodes themselves it is as if one Silence storyline is offered in the Vampires of Venice only to be quietly dumped with a whole new take on things presented in "A Good Man Goes to War" and "The Time of the Doctor". That is permissable but a bit erratic.