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Its been put on hold for the meantime. There is not going to be a series this year and chances for one in 2013 are said to be slim by Barrowman and Myles.

  • Just to expand: contrary to some speculation, Starz in the US has not cancelled the series. Basically (and this is somewhat unusual, I admit) the network has basically said it's up to Russell T Davies whether the series continues. (Some networks might have taken the show away from him and given it to another showrunner.) Davies curtailed his stay in the US in order to assist his domestic partner in the UK, who had taken seriously ill, and at last report was working on two projects: a new children's series for the BBC to replace Sarah Jane and he was also in the process of developing something called Cucumber for US TV when he returned to the UK. All this putting Torchwood on the proverbial back burner. For the time being, the franchise continues by way of original novels (Exodus Code, co-written by John Barrowman himself, is to be published this fall) and audio stories from AudioGo. The possibility of Captain Jack making a return guest appearance on Doctor Who has not been ruled out, and in fact he would have featured in "A Good Man Goes to War" had the production of Miracle Day not overlapped.