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We have seen parallel universes in stories such as "Inferno" and "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel".

Other universes have been seen in other media. "Dead Romance" (Virgin New Adventures novel) established that the Virgin New Adventures and Eighth Doctor Adventures take place in separate universes. "Zagreus" (Big Finish audio story) and "Spiral Scratch" (BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel) further established that the Virgin Books, BBC Books, Doctor Who Magazine Comics and Big Finish Audios take place in separate universes, but other stories have contradicted this, with the TV series accepting the Virgin Novels (Chelonians are part of The Alliance in "The Pandorica Opens"), comics (Abslom Daak makes a brief appearance in "Time Heist"), AND Big Finish audios ("Night of the Doctor"), and numerous BBC books featuring material from Virgin (eg. The Faction Paradox heavily featured in the EDAs, Bernice Summerfield appeared in "Big Bang Generation" (BBC New Series Adventures novel)).

Other released have further established other separate universes. The Council of Eight Arc in the EDAs saw the Eighth Doctor encountering various parallel universes. And Big Finish Audios released a series of adventures in a special range called Doctor Who Unbound, each one taking place in a separate universe.