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Removed from answer Edit

I've removed the following from the answer, since we don't actually know what (if anything) is being asked:

What's the question?
We see the Doctor dying in 2011, about 200 years after the recent episodes in his personal timeline. So, what does that mean? There are many possibilities; here are a few in (in my opinion) descending order of likelihood:
1. It was a doppelganger from the upcoming episode about doppelgangers, a clone (as Amy suggested), a Rutan or other alien shapeshifter, etc., not the Doctor himself.
2. At some point, either the TARDIS crew or someone else will change history so that event doesn't end up happening. (I think the Doctor has mentioned that "time can be rewritten" a few thousand times by now.)
3. The Doctor faked his death, and either he lied to Canton and fooled River, or they were in on it. Just like in "The Big Bang".
4. Somehow we'll end up with two "real" Doctors, and one of them dies, but the other is fine.
5. Matt Smith will be the last actor to play the Doctor, and he'll be playing him for 200 years, and the BBC has some secret technology to keep him from aging.
6. The BBC is planning to cancel the show after this year, despite all the money they're making, the new American popularity, etc., so they figured they might as well just kill him off.

Some of this might be usable, if we ever find out what the question is. -- 21:34, June 13, 2015 (UTC)