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  • How did he get on board the Colony ship without a Tardis, and how did he know the Doctor and his 'Missy' version would be there?

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    • Master : I landed here , I had trouble taking off 

      Missy : The black hole 

      Master : Too close to the event horizon 

      Missy : And you screw it up , you went too fast 

      Master : I blew the dematerialization circuit 

      The Master did indeed get on board the Colony ship with his TARDIS .

      That conversation took place in the 29th minute of The Doctor Falls .

      It is unknown how the Master knew the Doctor and Missy would be there .

      If anyone has a better explanation that I missed then please tell us .

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    • More info , the Master stole a TARDIS from Gallifrey before he was kicked off Gallifrey .

      I also suspect that the TARDIS the Master was using had disguised itself as a vending machine .

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