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    • No matter what it seems like, no matter what the Doctor (or anyone else) might believe or say, you should assume that some Daleks somehow survived somewhere. To quote the Tenth Doctor in "Daleks in Manhattan":

      "They survived. They always survive ..."

      If any survive, they'll rebuild. It might take a while -- as it did for those seen in "The Parting of the Ways" -- but they'll rebuild their numbers & their fleet eventually.

      The Daleks took extensive precautions to make sure that they could survive & recover. As they told the Eleventh Doctor in "Victory of the Daleks", they created thousands of Progenitor devices. They believed that only one Progenitor remained but that really means nothing more than that those particular Daleks had found only one. Given the level of technology available to them -- not just space travel but also time travel & even the ability to build Void ships ("Doomsday") -- Daleks & their devices could be scattered & hidden away just about anywhere, even in other universes or between universes.

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    • Whether there was a Dalek fleet isn't even all that important. There are always still Daleks out there, so it's possible they could have received the signal. But even if they didn't and the Daleks the recon scout wanted to reach are dead or too far away, it doesn't matter; the fleet never arrived. The reconnaissance Dalek failed, so maybe there wasn't a fleet at all -- but there might have been.

      Of course if there wasn't a fleet, that'd remove the sense of threat from the episode, but if there had been one with a vague explanation like "they always survive somehow", it wouldn't have been satisfying either. I think how Chibnall handled it (to stop the Dalek from ever reaching the fleet) was best for this story.

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    • Zoom Epictooth wrote:

      I think how Chibnall handled it (to stop the Dalek from ever reaching the fleet) was best for this story.


      A vague explanation would have told us nothing we don't already know (that the Daleks do always survive somehow).

      A detailed verbal explanation would have got in the way of telling the story & would have broken the "show, don't tell" rule.

      Of course, Chibnall could have shown how the Daleks survived -- but that would've been a different story. (It still could be, if Chibnall wants to tell us about it. I don't expect that, though, unless he's thought up a really good story that would be different from the various other Dalek survival stories we've seen over the years.)

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