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Yes. But it may not have stayed destroyed.

In the novel War of the Daleks, the Dalek Prime claims that he pulled a trick very much like the one the 11th Doctor later used at Lake Silencio. Basically, because it would be too dangerous to change time to prevent the destruction of Skaro, they just tweaked it a bit so Davros blew up a fake Skaro, thinking it was the real thing. The actual story is far more convoluted, and self-contradictory, but that's the gist of it.

Author John Peel insists that he intended the Dalek Prime's story to be the absolute truth, and the whole reason Terry Nation urged him to write the story was to retcon away the destruction of Skaro. So, if you take that as true, Skaro's destruction had been undone, leaving it there to be ravaged in the Last Great Time War and turned into the lifeless husk we see in City of the Daleks.

However, fans have noticed that War of the Daleks actually makes a lot more sense if you instead take the whole thing as propaganda, especially since the book already gives another perfectly good explanation for why Skaro is still around: 'Skaro' is just the Dalek word for 'home'. The Daleks, not being the most sentimental of aliens, created a new Skaro as a replacement when the old one was destroyed. When they captured Davros, they invented the whole 'Ha ha, you blew up the wrong Skaro' story just for the effect it would have on him. That explains why Antalin (the planet that was supposedly turned into the fake Skaro) is still around, why Skaro isn't radioactive, etc. In that case, it's the new Skaro (or, quite possibly, an even newer one) that's ravaged in the Last Great Time War.

Another possibility is that Skaro was destroyed, but when the Daleks 'removed themselves from spacetime' to fight the Time War (as RTD wrote in a Doctor Who Annual story), they started off by going back into the past and taking Skaro from before it had been destroyed. That would probably normally be a dangerously paradoxical thing to do, but when you're leaving history behind to attack the Time Lords and take control (or destroy?) of the Web of Time, it may not be such a bad risk.

Of course there are probably countless other possibilities that RTD could have come up with if he'd wanted to, but he never gave us his explanation.