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Actally in the time war because in the book the war of the Daleks davros actually tells the Doctor that he got his coordinates wrong and the thals say that the planet closest to skaro was all of the sudden turned inside out as was said in the fourth eighth doctor book

Whatever the books may say, in "Remembrance of the Daleks", the Hand of Omega turned Skaro's sun into a supernova. That would take out any nearby planets, not just one. There obviously is a problem with Remembrance but the novels haven't solved it. The Master was tried on Skaro in the TV movie, so it existed then and that was later in the Doctor's timeline than Remembrance but earlier than the Time War. There was Dalek dialog in Remembrance that suggested the Hand of Omega was travelling in time as well as space, on its way to Skaro's sun and that might offer a way to resolve the apparent conflict. Nevertheless, it hasn't (yet) been resolved definitively.